This is how the Woman works. After I've dictated to her everything I want her to type out, she goes to Starbucks, where she plays on Facebook as much as she writes.

But, she's getting her work done, so I can't complain too much.

The editor lady isn't complaining much, either; she's already peeked at the rough draft and said she laughed real laughs and cried real tears, and there's only a few things that need extra attention.

One chapter she says needs to be totally re-written because it's kind of just THERE, and while it's germane to the overall story, it's not especially well written.

The Woman agrees with her. She doesn't think that chapter is very good, either, but it was really mostly notes to remind her what to write about, and she didn't flesh it out very well. But she will.

Now, I was starting to think this book was going by awfully fast, but when I think about it...we started it before the Woman got sick last summer. Heck, we started the note-taking process way back in May. So it's gone a lot slower than I thought.

In any case...the Woman thinks that the editor lady will have the probably-final draft in hand in about a week, if the re-writing of that chapter goes smoothly. And she might have extra time to work this week because the Man is going to be busy putting a shed together (if both boxes it's coming in get here tomorrow...they might only get one) and the Younger Human is coming over to help him on one day.

Doods...that means something good will happen, like STEAK maybe, because something good always happens when he comes over.

I hope it's steak.

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We hope you get steak too, Max. That would be the bestest.

Mmmmm, steak. We don't remember anything you said before that. Hope you get some steak soon. xoxo

Oh will you get some to celebrate having your person finally get your book done?

WOW!!! Real live fresh dead steak!!! That makes me hungry now. I hope it is good and that you get a really nice bunch of it on your plate.

I am glad that the book is getting done. I hope you do get steak. It's yummy.


Hard work by humans means they eat well. Which means good foods to share with a kittie or two.

Steak would be great. But it could just be that damn dog Butters, too.

Did someone say steak?!?

Sneaky need-work chapters! If it's only 1, your Woman must be paying more attention to your genius than you realized. That deserves steak all around!


I can't wait for your new book and I will keep telling my woman to buy it as she doesn't always listen properly to me.

I like steak but my woman doesn't let me eat any! Good luck with the book and let us know about the yummy steak. Im' well jealous!

Love Abby xxx


Can't wait for the new book to come out so we can add it to our collection.
Steak sounds mighty fine! Hope it happens!