I don't care if the tree is Buddah's

Posted by Max | Posted on 2/01/2013 08:28:00 PM

If I want to use it, I'll use it.

AND I'll squish his little red bird toy while I'm at it.


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Around our house, everything belongs to everykitty! Well, except for MY food.

What got your tail in a puff?

You go Max!

If you're in it, I guess that makes it your tree, now! Happy Caturday!

Max, evrything in your house is YOURS!

You really are feeling perkier with your new diet!

Our mum says possession is nine tenths of the law, so it looks like it is your tree and your little red bird now.

Dang, we were gonna say exactly what Eric and Flynn said! Enjoy your tree, Max. ;)

Looks like a major coup in the making.
Go Max!