First draft is in the to speak

Posted by Max | Posted on 1/06/2013 08:54:00 PM

Yep, the first draft of my next book is done. Now, the Woman thinks there will be about 127 more drafts until it's DONE done, but we're getting there.

Working on this one has been fun. I tell her exactly what to write, and then she goes over to Starbucks and types it out. I think she likes going over there because they have donuts. She says she's never had one of their donuts, but I'm not sure I should believe that.

Man. Now I want a donut.

In any case, she wants to be be DONE done by summer. That means the last draft really needs to be done by spring, so the editor can go over it, and that woman? Holy carp, she's mean... She makes people cry, but since I don't have to deal with her, that's all right. She can make the Woman cry.

I'll try to take video.

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Oh no! We don't think we like the idea of that. We'll send Princeton over to give your Mom some "moral support". MOL!

Paws up, Max! You know, my human does editing and she says she is not doing her job unless someone cries. Sometimes she edits herself and makes herself cry!

Those editors sound quite mean! But you know what--they must be good. The Woman says she'll be talking to her fellow editor of Chinese Medicine Quarterly and they will resolve to make people cry!

You mean all those times ahe went to Starbuck's and she never brought you any donuts home?!

we are waiting impatiently!

a new book! we cannot wait!

We can't wait to read this one, Max!

Hey Max! I will be the first one in line to get your new book! I think you are an awesome writer and I have read your other 3 books at least 3 times now so getting a new one will be great!