Posted by Max | Posted on 1/01/2013 10:15:00 AM

Here's to hoping you have enough Motrin on hand.
Or booze.
Hair of the dog, and all that...

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Ewww....hair of the DOG???????

Happy New Year to you too!! We're purring for a pawsome 2013!

The Florida Furkids

Happy New Year to you!

Tee...heh..very funny !
Happy New Year 2013 Max and your pawsome fameowly
May Every Single Day of Your New Year Glow With
Pawsome Cheer, Excellent Healthy, & Happiness

❤ You always been loved by Me ❤

Puddy Boy

Happy New Year Max!

We hopes you didn't overdo it last night, MOL!

Sasha, Sami, & Saku

Have a sparkling and wonderful 2013!

I'm having a lovely New Year's Day with the sun coming in! Happy New Year to you too!

Haha! We love Grumpy Cat!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, Max! Only one here with a hangover is Binga!

Now me knows what snow drifts is for!

Ha ha ha--great picture!

It's fun to see the Humans open bottles and act stoopid. I had a good view of that last night. I did not care for the Introodurs, but they were entertaining. They really cut into my naptime.

Have a Very Happy New Year, Max, Buddah and People!

P.S. Conga-rats on the RLFDS.

Just met Grumpy Cat last week! Yeah, we live under a rock!