Not being paid for this, nope

Posted by Max | Posted on 12/09/2012 09:06:00 PM

Seriously, I'm not. I'm not getting money, not getting free samples, not anything. But I had to share this, because it's making a huge difference in my life.

Back when the Woman and DKM were driving a van for the boobie walk in San Francisco, the Man got a tiny box of Purina Healthy Weight cat food, and gave some to Buddah and me like he would crunchy treats. You know, just a few at a time. He wanted to see if we liked it, and dang did we ever.

That little box was gone pretty fast, so when the Woman came home he told her about it and she said we should get a bag to see if we still liked it. We've done that before, liked something when it was a treat and then stopped eating it when it was real food.

So they bought a bag.

And we kept liking it.

Then about six weeks later, when we still really liked it and had gotten another bag, the Woman picked me up and said I felt lighter, so she weighed me.

And then she freaked out because I was a pound lighter than I had been. She started sniffing my breath and watching how much water I was drinking, thinking that I'd been struck with Teh Diabeetees, because as far as she could tell, I was still eating what I ate before. Stinky Goodness twice a day, and dry food when the whim struck me.

But my breath smelled normal. I wasn't peeing a lot.

The Man noted that I was quite a bit more active. He noted that as I was chasing Buddah across the room, into the other room, over the coffee table, and into the library. Astute observation.

So the Woman kept an eye on me, just in case.

I was definitely more active. And the dry food was lasting longer because I really wasn't eating as much as I used to. And doods, she realized my furs were super soft. Every time she pets me now it's like, "Wow, you are so soft."

My furs are shiny, too.

Doods, I'm 11 years old, but I feel a lot like I did when I was maybe 4 or 5. I'm awake more than I was just a few months ago, which means more hours to sit on the Woman's lap, or to sit there and tell her all the things I need her to do. I talk to her...a lot.

She talks back, so it's not weird or anything.

Since I freaked her out with losing a pound, I think I've lost about half a pound more, but that's it. It was enough, I suppose. This food makes me feel fuller than all the other dry foods I've ever tried. And it's been good for my energy and skin and stuff. And my poops?


Yeah, I know raw meats would probably be the better diet, but that's not gonna happen. We have a good compromise going here, between the morning Purina Pro Plan wet food (and Purina One sometimes) and the night time Fancy Feast and dry food. It's really the only way the people can keep their sanity, they think.

Anyways, I wanted to share that with you. This food is super tasty, and I feel like a much younger cat now.

And really, who doesn't like a really good, glorious poop?

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I love my long glorious poops. It's just Gemini who sometimes thinks outside the box about that--probably because Ichiro rushes her. Yeah, we have more than one box, but he's Ichiro, right? Sigh.

That is really great that you found a food that really works well for you. It sounds like it was what your body needed to function at its peak.

Dood, you should totally get an endorsement deal out of this. Really work the glorious poop angle.
I wonder if I should put my People on this stuff. Their poop is anti-glorious in my esteemed opinion.

This is great, Max! Thanks for the report!

wow the mom is thinking that fat butt Billy needs that.

We switched to this, and Wendell, who has serious trouble pooping, has been having almost daily stinking piles of beautiful poop. It's 6.5% fiber, which is about 2% more than the Purina One Sensitive Systems I'd been feeding him.

Maybe we should get Mom to get us some! The vet wants us to loose a pound and maintain a better weight, but it is not happening on the prescription stuff!

We are doing well on Purina One Indoor Advantage, Turkey flavor. Mum likes it cuz it has less grain in it. We do ok on the litter box routine, we drink enough etc.

Good to read you are more active. I may pop over in the TARDIS and we can hang out!

Ms. Stella O'Houligan

Purina needs to pay you for that endorsement, Max!

By glorious do you mean non-stinky? Mom says she might try givin' us dat stuffbut just as treats tho or when dey goes on baycashun.

My mom thinks I need to lose a pound or three, but I whenever I hear anything about weight I think it means something about dinner being delayed.

Dood, they should put The Woman on the bag.

this is a great post. our mama is happy to read this. she will go check about emma's diet with the vet.

emma and buster

Hmm, we thinks we has a brudder who should check that out. He'd probably even like the glorious poops! Purrs..

Wow, what an endorsement! Until recently, the Human would have read this and been glad for you but not thought much more about it because I have always been so skinny. But since the you-know-what, I've been eating more and I am a bit more solid, though still on the svelte side. But we will tuck away this bit of info in case we should need it in the future!

Good job on the weight loss, Max! Tell me more about what your mom was sniffing for on your breath? I have a diet controlled diabetic and sometimes he acts off and I think it could be his sugars. Maybe I should sniff his breath, but what would I be looking for?

Can you actually smell ketones on a kitty's breath? I could with my son, sometimes just by walking in the room I could smell them!
Our Mom is going to consider a switch to this food. Your recommendation means a lot. Shaggy has trouble losing weight and they tell me I could lose one or two also. -Scout

Sometimes a kitty with diabetes can have breath that smells like acetone. Since there's a lot of me to love, the Woman sniffs my breath a lot. It's...disturbing...