The Younger Human came over today and something good almost always happens when he's here. Then a little while after he got here he and the Man and the Woman left, which got me REALLY excited because that almost always means they're going out to dinner and having something REALLY good...I tried to not get my hopes up because sometimes when they go out there are Stupid Drinks involved and the Woman leaves her brain at the food place, and if that happens. Well, no one is happy after that. Except for her.

But when they came home tonight, I smelled it before I could figure out how many Stupid Drinks the Woman had (two, as it turned out, and they were apparently effective), and she went into the kitchen to get plates for Buddah and me.



And it was really good real live fresh dead cow, the sirloin part that's all juicy and tender and it was cooked perfected, with some pink still in it.

Granted, the Woman walked in with it and cut it up and gave it to us, but I KNOW it was because of the Younger Human. Steak only happens when he shows up.

I think he took some home to That Damned Dog Butters, too. I can't complain about that, though, because Butters had to go to the stabby place today for a checkup, and that always sucks. He went to a new stabby person, one that DKM told the Woman about and it's, like, less than half a mile from where the Younger Human loves so Butters got to walk there. He LIKES walking outside, go figure.

But doods...I GOT STEAK!!!

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Lucky kittehz. Real live deaded cow is one of our favorites. Hope you got a nice nap after your noms. xoxo

Yum! I wish the humans here ate steak, but neither of them do, so I am out of luck! Unless... maybe they could order and bring home a whole one just for my pleasure!

Yeaa Max! That's awesome dood!

My mouth is really watering now. Thanks a lot, Max.

it don't get any better than REAL LIVE FRESH DEAD COW! Unless it is REAL LIVE FRESH DEAD SHRIMP

Oh! STEAK! Me's can't remember the last time wes had any. Wes had sooo much snow that Daddy would has to dig out the Barbeque...You is SUCH a lucky cat!

Oh man--now you have the jealous up!

We sometimes dream about getting some of that dead cow. Bet it tasted good - enjoy!


ITs hard ta beat a fresh dead cow. Well, OK, we prefer fresh dead shrimps and fresh dead hams, but cows are 3rd on the list,

I get the real live dead cow pieces, but not Manny he gets all barfing from more for me. Yum!!!

You are one lucky mancat, Max! We never get steak!!

You really scored with the steak Max!
That's cool you know when steak will be involved just by the Y.H. showing up. We'll go ahead & say it, even though you won't like it: That's almost Pavolvian.

Roast Beast! It will be cooking outside time here soon. Then we will get lots of roast beast.


I myself do not seem to have any interest in the Human food, but I love hearing about the good fortune of my furiends. Maybe someday my tastebuds will awaken and I will understand the joys?

The Human says: Believe me, it is *not* for lack of opportunity. Spitty has been offered real live fresh dead cow, and pig, and chick-hen and shrimp and efurry other kind of creature imaginable. He has never consumed a single morsel. Go figure!