Dood, just....dood...

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Our Mommy laffed so loud that she snorted! HaHaMeow!

Too much nip...


O dat is what they means bout playin wif yoreself. He do not look blind. Might be duzzy tho.

Do you know that Pee Queen still plays with her tail like it doesn't belong to her? What is up with that?

Well, I can't say much since I have been known to occasionally play with my tail!

Boy, that was a fine effort but the tail survives to taunt kitty another day!

That's one crazy cat!

When a kitty tail is attacked around HERE, its usually by SOMEKITTY ELSE! I say "usally" cuz Ayla has been known to whap at her own tail. Well, its long an it twitches on its own...


That is one silly cat!

Now THAT is psycho!