This is totally something the people would do to me...

The Woman saw this online and snickered a little and then I saw it and thought OH NO, because there's a door between the clothes cleaning machines--WHERE MY LITTERBOX IS--and the hallway, and it has one of those little cutouts. The door is always open because I hate that thing, but if the door was ever closed, that's the only way in. I'd have to go poop on a pillow.

Oh. Maybe not so bad.

OH! Buddah would totally go through it! Hahahahahahahaha now I WANT them to do it! How the heck can I get them to do this? It would be AWESOME!

Man, I need thumbs...

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Poor kitty!

Truffle and Brulee

I have no doubt the male would do this to me too...

My human would not DARE do that to me!

But then, she does put necklaces on me sometimes, which is just as bad.

Ha ha ha! I have one a them little doors too, that goes from the kitchen out onto an (enclosed) back porch. My Human would not *DARE* to do such a thing to me though, because I am already just barely hanging on to my sanity and she would not wish to nudge me over the edge.

That looks just like Joba (you know, "dat stoopid kitten") and your good friend Jeter is laughing and laughing. I feel sorry for the little guy.

Well, that's not a nice thing to do to that kitty! We hope he gets his revenge.

Poor kitty, they deserve to have their pillows pooped on.

What a nasty thing to do! Me can so see it happening though. Hissy old Licorice had a incident with a helium balloon....

It is a good thing our Dad said this was mean and cruel!

I feel bad for you, but this made my dad laugh and remember the time when a couple of fellow students (this goes back many, many years) stretched plastic wrap over the toilet bowl of our janitor, then put the seat down and waited...

Mum put in a different collapsing door to the dungeon so we could get to our boxes. No little holes in regular doors.

What's with these beans, Max? That poor kitty scared to death by plastic bottles and now more plastic meanness? Bad Humans!

Reminds me of when TBT opens the deck door when the screen is closed. Ayla tries ta jump out an bangs inta the screen evry time!


Oh Geez, how awful!