See these people?

They're begging. Especially the guy up front, the one with the beard and tie. That's the Younger Human. This Saturday is the day he jumps into freezing water for the Special Olympics. SPECIAL OLYMPICS, DOODS! He's not gonna shrink his nads for the heck of it, he's doing it to get money that helps the athletes be able to compete.

I hope there's gonna be pictures, because there's not much I enjoy more than seeing people do really weird things like freeze their asterisks off.


If you wanna kick a couple of bucks his way, click HERE. Well, not to HIM, to his fundraising thingy. He never gets to actually touch any money. It goes right to the Special Olympics. And it's totally worth it, because, really, there's not much that's better than a buncha zombies getting all nipply for a good cause.

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We hope there is pictures, too!

Mama donated 5 green papers...hope it helps!

we donated some green papers earlier - we will give anyone green papers who voluntarily shrink their nads

Beins sure do crazy things fer good reasons sometimes!

Wow, those peoples really **are** crazypants.

Almost as crazypants as that nutty kitty from Monday!