Ok, so the Woman has been hogging the computer lately, sitting here tap-tap-tapping away at the keys likes she actually has anything worth saying, and when she isn't tapping she's staring at the monitor and every once in a while she says something profound like, "Huh," or "Hmm," but I don't think she's been actually working on anything that's going to bring in some dollars to buy me some real live fresh dead shrimp or a new bag of crunchy Temptations.

I thought I was going to get a shot at the computer earlier today, but doods, she closed the freaking lid and then went outside to practice walking again. COME ON. We're now into year two of all this practicing of putting one foot in front of the other and not falling on her asterisk. If she doesn't have it all figured out by now, I'm pretty sure she's not going to.

At least leave the computer on for me, sheesh.

But, I admit, I considered that she might be doing something important, like maybe filling up all the massive empty places inside her head, but doods I checked her browser history because in the filling up of her head in order to displace all the hot air, I heard her laugh, and laughing is not learning. And I found this:

She thinks this is funny! That poor kitty probably lost at least PART of one of his lives he was so scared.

She's just...wrong.

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Humans! They act like they are all "busy," and really they are goofing off. **Sigh**

We feel sad fer the kitty that got all spooked when she knocked over the bootles.

Our mum acts like she is all busy at the computer too, but quite often when we go to check, she is sat there with her eyes shut and her head on the keyboard.

Poor kitty. Someone up to no good set those too close to the kitty just to scare it!

Humans find the most revolting things funny...

Sheesh! Humans have weird sense of humors.

First, I totally have sympathy for you. My Human tap tap taps for hours too, and yet nothing good for me ever seems to come from it!

Next, it pains me to admit this, but I am the black version of this white kitty. When Ceiling Cat was handing out startle reflexes, I got enough for 1000 cats and I think this poor kitty got the rest. It's cruel, really, to laugh at us. And yet, here's my Human now, snorting. Sigh.

Mum doesn't practice walking as much as your does. But she doesn't get money for walking.

Plus we were helping mum read your mum's book. We didn't realize you were a character in the book! Way to go PsychoKitty!

Sadly, our Mommy is demented too. She thought this was hee-larry-us.

Humans are just weird, Max. If they were cats, they would know better.

How did we, lik, TOTALLY no tknow about your blog til today?!? *glares at Mommy cuz it HAS to be HER fault*

And yes, that video is sooooooo wrong *sigh* Humans.

Oh that poor kitty!

Dood, I dunno how you didn't know about me and how did I not know about you??? But i think I found your blog and followed it!