are awesome. The Younger Human went and jumped in the water today for the Special Olympics, and he was able to do it because you guys donated a lot of money for him to do it. And doods, his entire team raised $16,300! That's going to help a whole lot of Special Olympics athletes this year...and for the fun stuff, his team got top community fundraisers AND best theme costume (like they did last year!) So yeah, I wanted to say THANK YOU. Because you really came through, and that touches my little black heart.

* * *

And doods...that Silverine is most definitely awesome. Buddah got a little aggressive, but only for a minute or so before he decided laying down was the better idea. The Woman says he's a paranoid stoner--I don't know how she knows that and she's not sayin'--but I'm a classic stoner.

Well duh. I'm always a classic. And classy, too.

* * *

Today, the Woman took out the broom and swept the kitchen floor. That is so rare that even though the broom scares me, I had to sit there on a chair and watch. She talked to me the whole time, probably to distract herself from the idea that she was actually doing something, and even let me sniff the broom handle and said, "See, it won't hurt you."

Well, yeah, not as long as I stayed in the chair. She's kinda clumsy sometimes, and she's dropped the broom before, and when it hits the floor it's LOUD, and I don't like that. But I watched her today, and doods...apparently she really wanted a witness to her efforts, because she gave me crunchy treats for being brave!

All I did was watch, but I'm not turning my nose up at crunchy treats.

* * *

I don't think he's going to catch it...

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Wow! That is so pawsome! I wish we could have participated but this is always such a money tight time of year. Maybe things will change... maybe things will change...

Congrats to the Younger Human and his team!!

We got our silvervine pillows today and we gotta tell you...that stuff is AWESOME!!

Good for the Younger Human an his team!

We see the broom a lot cuz TBT hates the noise of the sucky machine. But he moves it around us slowly an never lets it fall on the floor, so it isnt scarey annymore.

Hooray for the boy!!
Max, you can't be scared of the broom. Hey, I'm a ladycat and I watch the broom work and the mop work with lots of interest. Especially fun is walking on the wet floor and making footie prints.

MOL, that is soooooo funneh.

I am still silvervine-less. I must do something about this situation.

Pawsome, Younger Human!

Ah, the 'Vine. I am also a classic stoner with a strong element of the munchies.

WE are glad the younger humans team did so well! You are a class act, even when the scary broom is around. That jumping kitty makes us tired!

4 paws up for the Younger Human and his friends! To jumps in the water when you don't even get a BATH is so beyond the call of duty! M-E-O-W!

Buffee Moon, Casey, Cody and Angel Mae

You do like your weed, don't you Max! Mum has been cleaning up stuff lots too lately. Vacuum and sweeping and mopping etc.

Just chill mum.