The Woman took this picture of me a little while ago. Other than the trash bag that was behind me, I think it's a mighty find picture.

Sadly, the picture doesn't show the awesomeness that happened just before she took it. I woke up from a nap and went into her office because she'd been in there doing stuff that probably wasn't work, but she wasn't there. So I figured I'd just jump in her chair and wait for her...and doods, when I got up there, I realized she'd been expecting me and left a bowl on her desk that had SIX Cheetos in it.



That was very considerate, and who am I to turn down a heartfelt offer of cheesy goodness? I licked all the cheesy off of them, and right about the time she came back in, I was done. She even asked me very nicely if I'd enjoyed them--I said yes I did, thank you--and then she said she would like to sit down, so would I please get out of her chair?

All right, it was, "You can get your ass out of my chair now," but I know what she meant.

Then she asked me if I'd enjoyed them, and as I thanked her again she snapped the picture with her phone.

Once in a while, a person just gets it right.

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That wasn't very polite of her to ask you to get out of her chair, but it was thoughtful of her to leave some Cheetos for you.

How sweet of her to leave you the snack. But rude for her to think that YOU should get down just so that she could sit in the chair. She should've found an alternative chair if she wanted to sit down.

Oh now that was SWEET!

You did not even get any on you handsome white furs! That was an awesome treat!

Oooh, Cheetos! I love Cheetos. You are so lucky, Max.

That is a very nice photo, Max. and after years of training (the peeps) it finally pays off, hey? Nice.

It was awesome of the Woman to leave you six whole Cheetos. Not so nice for her to make you get down, but at least she let you finish them first. I wish my Mom would leave stuff like that lying around for me.


Max, that is a "more Cheetos please" face if I ever saw one!

You got Cheetos?? Awesome, Max! That is a great shot of you.

It's an amazing picture of you (well, of course), and so nice of the Woman to leave you such cheesy goodness.
She does need manners, however. She was kinda rude getting you off that chair.

Purrfect timing Max.

Our mums saw your picture and said you are so cute that she wants to kiss all the furrs off of your face!

Buffee Moon, Casey, Cody and Angel Moon (who occasionally go about bared faced)

Perhaps it was a Valentine miracle?

Now that is a wonderful story. Such a considerate owner to leave the Cheetos out for you! I seem to do the same with with my cat and sandwiches, apparently. Didn't even realize I'd made them for her, but she seems to know better!

Yer lucky the Woman leaves you nice treats on the desk. We arent allowed ta eat annything unless it is on the floor. Well, theres an exception iffen it is in our purrsonal special food bowls up on the cat trees cuz Ayla likes to eat alone sometimes.

Huh. So cheetos are good? Were they they puffy kind or the crunch kind? Or maybe if you're just licking the cheese off, it doesn't matter. This IS a great picture of you. And I think overall, this story has far more positives than negatives. Really, the only bad part is that someone needs to teach your mom not to talk like a sailor. At least not TO YOU.


dood...only in our dreams.


Cheetos? How nice of her. The cat-who-came-before Venus loved those too. She also loved tomato sauce. How about you?

Great pic!

Wow! She actually left you Cheetos?! How nice of her! Mohawk (One Who Came Before) loved Cheetos! Now we are all hungry for Cheetos.

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