Man, doods...this has been a hard day for the CB. Whitey from The 3 G's has been fighting a horrible URI and his mom just found out he had diabetes, and we were all hoping hard that getting on insulin would fix him and he'd get better. But doods, when you have diabetes and get sick, it's super hard on the body, and sometimes it's just impossible for everything to start working again... Whitey found really hard for a long time, and his mom Barb found for him as hard as a person can...but he just couldn't do it anymore, and he went to the Bridge today.

He was a wicked cool dood, and the CB is a whole lot dimmer right now.

Just before the Woman read the news about Whitey, she read an email from one her very best friends ever, and her kitty, Kiff, ran off to the Bridge in the middle of the night. The Woman thinks of her friend as like a sister, so Kiff was at least like my cousin, and even though Kiff didn't blog or FB, it stings a lot. I feel really, really bad for Sandy and Tom, whom she owned and their other cats. Kiff is gonna be missed.

But today wasn't all bad. Tonight I was lounging in the office on top of my tree and I smelled something spiffy, so I came out to see what was up, and doods, the Woman had made muffins!

I freaking LOVE muffins!

They're too hot to taste right now, and I'm only gonna get a tiny taste, but it'll be worth the wait.

Muffins make a bad day a little better.

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Mmmm, muffins make any day better. Whaddya mean just a bite???

My human likes muffins, but I am not so sure about them. Unless they are tuna muffins!

WE are sorry about your sort of cousin going to the bridge. WE know he will be missed. Mom won't stop leaking over Whitey!

Those muffins look good! I hope you got more that a taste!

We are very sad that Whitey lost his brave battle and has gone to the Bridge. We are sorry your "cousin" has gone too. Purrs for both their families.
The muffins look very tasty. Everybody needs a little taste to chase the sadness away.

We hope you get some muffins, Max, to help make this sad day a little less sad.

We'll miss Whitey.

It was kind of sucky enough with just losing Whitey. We're sorry about your friend too. How did those muffins taste?

Sorry about your "friend/cousin". Its so hard on everyone.

Hope your mom made you feel a little better when she gave you a taste of one of the muffins.

Me and the Human have discovered that the really hard thing about knowing so many kitties is that eventually some of them run off to the Bridge. We try to comfort ourselves that there's another, *even better* CB just across the Bridge where all of our friends who have Gone On before us are having a wonderful time, and maybe even whispering some messages to us once in awhile. We didn't know Whitey (except that he was sweet Cory's Main ManCat) but we are very sorry for his People and also for Kiff's family.

Muffins? Muffins are good. Enjoy them Max, and cuddle up to your Woman a little. Maybe even Buddah also.

Not our stuff, but if YOU like them, we hope ya get tons of them!