I want some of the nip this guy got...

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We do too! We should be ashamed of ourselves for laughing! But we are not!

Whoa! I am not sure I would want something that made me kick myself in my face!

We hate it when our feets attack our heads!!

maybe it's not nip. maybe he just don't haff a brofur or sisfur to bunnykick him inna face so he hasta do it hisself!

It does look like good stuff.

Oh, I hate it when my feet go crazy like that.

Yep, looks like a very special blend!

Yikes! He's really beating himself up!!

The Florida Furkids

Bwahaha! He's crazy!

Do you really want to have to teach your foot a lesson?

Holy carp! That cat is out of control!

OMC me too!

I'll take a case of whatever that it! I wanna slip some ta Ayla once a week fer a year. Heh-heh-heh...