OK, doods. We all know by now what a PTU is and we know that when it comes out that we should probably hide, lest the stabby things happen, but our people are getting sneaky and I thought you should be aware of their latest trick.


I don't know who this poor guy is, but I think he fell for it and went inside that PTU and then wound up at the stabby place getting all poke and prodded and stabbed and probably had bloods and pee stolen from him.

If you see a sign like this on a PTU, run. Run as fast as you can and get into your best hidy place. THERE IS NO TOONA!!! There is only pain and despair. There is only wrongness and meanness. No matter how exciting it looks and you'll surely get that, "well maybe it's true!" though creeping into your head, but take it from me...no toona will be found, and if there is, it's still TRICK TOONA and you'll wind up regretting it.

I aim to serve, here, doods.

Oh, and someone reminded me tonight...every year the Younger Human dresses up all funny and then goes to San Francisco and jumps into freezing cold water at great risk to his fun parts, and he does it all to raise money for the Special Olympics.

The Special Olympics is very important because it gives opportunity for lots of differently-abled people to do sports things, and they're a lot nicer than other sports people who get all "IN YOUR FACE!" when they win.

So if you like the Special Olympics, or just like me (and what's not to like) you can donate a few bucks to him by clicking HERE.

I thank you, he thanks you, the Man and the Woman thank you, and Buddah would, too, but he's up on top of the fridge trying to get into the pantry so that he can knock the Pop Tarts onto the floor so he's kinda busy right now.

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None of us here would be dumb enough to fall for that trick! Well, Boodie would probably fall for it... and if she did, she would deserve the results.

P.S. I think that younger human is a little bit nuts - getting wet AND cold - but at least it is for a good cause!

What a terrible trick! Thanks fur warning us!

Beans are really sneaky!
Buddah, however, has the right idea. Hope he shares!

Who wouldn't want to eat free, EXTRA toona on the couch?! That should have been enough strange-ness to warn kitty that something else was stinkey there besides the toona!

Thanks yous for the warning. Me KNOWS me has to go to the vet soon. One more trick to looks for.

Mom has not tried that, yet, but if she does, we will know to run cause you said to!

Nicky and Billy would so fall for that.

we gived green papers to the younger human so that he can go and freeze his parts off. MOL

Thank you for raising the alarm Max!
Poor unsuspecting kitties!

Dang, that's pretty sneaky of the humans. Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Max!!

There's free tuna somewhere - where's the tuna? I NEED tuna.

Thanks for the link to the Polar Plunge for the Younger Human. :D It's a great cause!

I know the Woman makes a great effort to walk every year, but I just can't support the Komen foundation anymore. I just made a donation for the Younger Human's Polar Plunge so that I'm still supporting the great fund-raising efforts of your Humans.

Was there real toona in there? That might make it hard to resist. We think it might be good idea ta sniff carefully though the side holes first.

Maxwell: Dude, it's hopeless at our house. Faraday'd do *ANYTHING* for tuna.
FaRADaY: yeah, yeah, let's get to the GOOD stuff - yoo has POP TARTS at your place???