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You have the right idea! We are headed for a nap now!

Looking pretty comfy!

Are you sleeping off the silvervine?

Right back atch!

Oh, this is our favorite pastime!

Speaks out? More like Zzzzzs out today!

Don't snore, Max!

There's that mancat charm. You caused all the ladies to go squee!

dood ... iz dat becuz uv da silver stuff yer snortin?

You are the cutest EVER!

We haven't got our paws on silvervine yet, but we know that nip tires us out. You look out for the count.

So innocent looking!

Zzzzzzzzzz along with you...

Max! You look soooooo adorables there in that picture that I almost....

Whoa. Wait. No. I know I live in San Francisco, but even so.

Well, you know, come to think of it, I *did* used to have a little ManCrush on Buddah. Hmmm.

You're adorable Max. -SSS's Mom