Ok, now the Man is going too far. He's attacking me with THINGS now and not just his hand...

I help my ground though. And next time, I bite harder...

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More impawtantly, when did the Woman learn to make video?

Srsly, he's doing it wrong! That area round yur tail is sensitive an over-stimulates you. He needs to slow down. I insist on eatin sum of the hair when I's brushed.

WE do not let Mom use that thing much, either! Angel will tolerate it a lot more than Kirby!

Good for you. Gemini loves that thing--weird huh?

At least you didn't walk off, like Binga and Boodie do! My human has to follow them around with the Furminator.

Sassy has a similiar product that Mommie uses because she is so floofy. And she loves it! Really, she leads Mommie to where it is kept and lays down for the brushing. She's a little twisted.

Oh! Yous is a Cat From hell! Yous should send me your picture and me will send yous a badge!
Nellie aka the Cat From Hell
penelope dot catfromhee at gmail dot com

Mum sits on the floor with us between her legs, facing away from her. So hard to nip at her.

Oh man, Max! He's stealing your furs!!

A bunch a bites are in order, Max!

OMC! That thing is pullin your fur out!

ohhhhhhhh I LOVES to haf the base of mine tail brushed. ohhhhhhhhhhhhh - Sammy

Max, I am really disappointed in the quality of those bites. You gotta Sink Your Teef In! You gotta Mean Business! You gotta Draw Bloods!

Unless maybe, you like that THING???

Our mom always fibs and tells us we will even be more handsome if she is allowed to use that thing on our beautiful fur. Ha, we know she just doesn't want us shedding so she has to vacuum more.

We love our furminator!
Especially Shaggy with his thick coat. But mom has to stroke slower on us.

Casey acts the same way when he's brushed! He says his hairs are short and he don't need any help. The rest of us have really long furs and we purr bunches when the woman helps us keep fluffy. Of course, knowing treats are coming is good too!

Buffee Moon, Cody and Angel Mae and our tuff cat, Casey.

Max, tell the body with the cat rake that cats with thinner coats sometimes don't like the cat rake. or they like it but gentler. our cats with dense coats love it. we have one with a fine coat whose response to the cat rake is owowowowowowow!

Did you draw blood? It looked like the man moved out of your way too fast.

Cody and Gracie

Harder, deeper, longer, Max! When my woman tried to brush me, I start hissing, then I growl, and if it doesn't stop, I snap at her hand. So she got this pink mitt thing with short stiff fibers, and "pets" me with it. It always surprises me, but since I didn't do any of the above, she has kept doing it.

The Man seemed ta be doing that a bit hard an fast. But look at the loose furs he got off. At least ya put up with it pretty bravely!

We try ta do the snakey belly crawl when we are bein brushed even gently.