Dooods...last night the Woman got herself a piece of cake, because she's trying to lose weight and OBVIOUSLY cake is the answer (fark yeah I'm rolling my eyes) and I wanted some but I knew if I asked I wouldn't get any. So. Doods. I did the whole dart-and-wind-between-their-feet move and it worked!

She tried so hard to not trip that the plate tipped forward and the cake plopped off the plate and onto the floor icing side down. I looked up to make sure that she wasn't going to snap a foot into my head, but she wasn't even mad; she just said "ONE BITE" and I grabbed myself a giant bite while she got paper towels to clean it up.

That in itself would have been good enough, but tonight the People had real live fresh dead chicken for dinner, and I didn't have to do ANYTHING to get some. The Woman just cut some up for me and put it on my plate!

Better yet, BUDDAH didn't get any because he was in the other room sitting on one of the dammit machines and never came in to see what the food being cooked was.

He's gotta learn...if a people is in the kitchen, you have to go see, because it might be something good and you might get a bite, either by their choice or your will.

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And for doing that did you land her a particularly stinky poop to thank her? I mean it's only polite.

Wow--that musta been the Harmonic Convergence or sumfing. Score!

Bahaha! Mommy is dying ofur here!!! She's snorting fur cod's sake! I'm so embarrassed. (slaps paw ofur eyes)

Cake and Chicken! That is a real feast.

I use Google reader and a 'nest' button to read blogs. For some reason, I get an error when your blog comes up.

The server encountered a temporary error and could not complete your request.

Please try again in 30 seconds. That's all we know.

I get this on your blog and one other. Do you or the Woman have any ideas?

Max, that is a pretty good trick!

Mom read us the cake story from facebook last night, and we cheered. We like your chicken story as well. We have to be pests to get bites of the people food (but we almost always get what we want).

Cody and Gracie

"dart and wind beneath the foot" my Mom is ohhhh soooo familiar with that move, is one of my favorites!


Awesome! It's important to always know what's being cooked!

Our mom made a steak sandwich for lunch today. Well, I got some and Manny didn't because he does the barf every time he eats beef. Ha, more for me. Anyway, he didn't even bother to get up to see what was for lunch he had his sleepy butt on the sofa.

Glad you scored Max. It pays to be mom's cute kitty all the time.

Yow Max, you really were in the right place this time!

Max, we think your humans are getting soft or something....

No the humans are just sharing. Chicken is better for cats than cake even though cake can be quite desirable.