Doods! Look what my man Skeezix sent me!

Skeez had a giveaway on mousebreath! and I won! I WON FOOD!!!!

I really kind of want to eat it all tonight, but since I need to borrow the Woman's thumbs for that, I don't think it's gonna happen.

Oh, and the box was specifically addressed to me and it said NOT BUDDAH so that means I don't have to share.


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congratulations. Jack wouldn't wait for thumbs, he'd be chewing right through that bag of treats :)

Congratulations Max! And yes, I think it is just for you. All yours. Only yours. The toy too. Way cool.

Yes, you do not have to share!

That is right, you do NOT have to share any of those pawsome prizes you got in Skeezix's giveaway. But if Buddah is anything like my two roommates, he will just barge right in and take what he wants anyhow.

We're pretty sure that's what it means! Great swag! Enjoy!

Hope yer mom feels better, Max!

Well, these cans aren't going to open themselves, Humans! Get crackin'! Oh, and be sure to lock Buddah up first.

No sharing necessary. Would be nice though if you offered him a little.

If it said Not Buddah, then it's not for Buddah.

Its all yours Max! But iffen ya give Buddah a couple treats an 1 can, ya probly score MAJOR points with the Woman fer future stuff...

WOW! What a haul!

Congrats on your win Max, looks like a lot of nice goodies there! Mia would be jealous. ;)