OK, so the Woman probably needs a little more practice walking.

Either that or she needs to stop licking random krap in public, because she managed to pick up some kinda cootie.

Most of you guys probably already know that she didn't finish the Big Walk this last weekend because of some kinda cooties that made her queasy and headachey and then barfy. She's still kinda blah but she's starting to feel a little better, and is already making noises about getting back outside to practice walking some more, and then going to Hotlanta with DKM to walk with Jeter's mom and a buncha other people.

Anyway, the 20 miles she did walk she said was kinda hard but also lots of fun because she got to walk with DKM's cousin Joette and she likes Joette a lot and covets her walking sticks. While she was walking, the Man was helping walkers with blisters, and I guess he did a lot of sucking crap out of some really nasty looking ones. He helped for 2 days but then he had to bring the Woman home so that she wouldn't give those cooties to other people.

On the first day, just before she started feeling really bad, he took this picture of her coming into camp. For 20 miles, she does look kinda happy.

Either that or the Man had a candy bar in his hand and she's all stick that thing in my mouth!

Yeah. Take that for whatever you want to...

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Max it's really too bad that she didn't get to finish. At least she came home so you had something warm to lie on though...

Aw, that's sucky! After all that practicing too! Maybe she shoulda been practicing not licking random stuff instead? Poor Woman. But it would be fun for her to go to Hotlanta--as long as it isn't TOO hot, that is.

P.S. We are getting that scary warning message in Chrome again because you are linked to "jfloresinc"? But we could visit in Firefox okay.

We think it is the candy bar, shove it in.

Even though she wasn't able to finish, your human STILL did good! I hope she's completely over that bug she ate soon!

Hey, 20 miles is nothing to sneeze at, Max. I think that's like 372 cat miles!

20 miles? Mom would look no where near that good... Purrs that she heals fast.

WE are so sorry that she got sick!

What was that part before you said "candy bar"?

Doggie cooties, fer SURE!

hahahahaha our the mom spit iced coffee our her NOSE at your last comment.

We just saw this, your mom still did good. We're impressed. Our paws are sore just thinking about 20 miles.

Hope your mom is feeling better. Purrs from us....

It's a shame she didn't finish. Maybe next time.

Max, you big softie! You purred on The Woman to help her feel better! Keep up the good work!

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