All right, I was nice and I shared some of the food with Buddah. Well, it's not like I had any real choice; the Woman decided to split a can of beef with gravy between us as a surprise snack yesterday because we've been so helpful in nursing her back to health after she went and ate some death food the other night.

Later on, for dinner, we split another can, this time of some chickeny goodness.

And doods, this stuff is AWESOME. It's Purina One Smart Blend stinky goodness, and so far I am really digging it (and no I am not being paid to say so, I just think you guys should know when there's some premium noms out there to try...)

Buddah must have liked it too because he made some pretty disgusting sounds while he ate, and he licked the plate so hard the Woman thought he was going to push it off the counter onto the floor, where it would shatter into a million pieces like all her intentions of cleaning the kitchen.

If I had thumbs, I'd give this stuff two thumbs up.

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We've not seen this available yet in our city in Ontario, but when it makes its way to Canada, we'll try it!

WE'll have to check that OUT! Is it all the pate style?

Thanks for the review! Padre is a Very Picky Eater, and Mom is always looking for flavors that he will eat. She will look for it the next time she goes to the store. Right, Mom?

Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, Caramel, Sunny, and Sky (and fosters Jett, Panda, Domino, Kurt, and Brigitta)

I thought it was pretty tasty too, Max. So make that four thumbs up.

Thanks for the pooping advice; I'll try, but it squicks me out to think of going outside my box. Shudder.

This sounds nummy! I think I'll ask Mommy and Daddy to see if they can find it!

Mum says she hasn't seen this in the stores just yet. But then she probably forgets to look when she goes shopping.

You are so nice to share even thought we thought you should not!
We need to see if we can find that for Mac!

Thanks so much fur sharing this! We've been wonderin about this food, but mommy didn't want to buy it and waste it. xoxo

Thanks Max for the review, I will look for it for Manny and Vinny.

Let us know what kind of poop comes owt after eating dat good looking stinky goodness. Yeah we know dat sounds sick, but we am interested in food poops! Heh heh.

Sounds like pretty good stuff! Does it have mushrooms?

Oh my, we love any cat food dat comes in a can, so delicious!

At W*l-M*rt mom came home with a trial sized bag of dry cat food made by Purina, chicken and rice formula. did we like it? - duh, yeah....we always look for more foods.

As for taste, mine is 'varied', I mean mom is helping me type and I snagged myself one of her Triscuits she was planning to have for a snack.......extra pepper on it, but I choked it down anyway. I think I need some water.....bye,


wow if buddah liked it that much maybe princess sammy will too

We gotta get us some! Some other cat recommended it too. Haven't seen it in our area yet though.

Mom hasn't seen this, but she doesn't really look. She says she will keep it in mind if my next weighing doesn't show a loss. I would rather just stick to my FF Stinky Goodness, I think.


I bought some of Max's reviewed food for Manny and Vinny. They will post a review after dinner tonight.

Mom forgot to us the new food for dinner last night?!?!? What else is new. So we had it for breakfast today. It was fantastic, we didn't lift our heads from our bowls. I think she bought four cans so I hope we have it again soon. Thanks Max for the recommendation. Keep 'em coming.