This is NOT what it looks like!

The Woman filled up the ginormous crunchy food bowls because she's just about done practicing her walking and she and the Man are going to go meet up with Diva Kitty's Mom and cousin in San Francisco where she'll walk for real. The Man is going to sit in a tent and wait for her to come limping in, crying because she sucks at walking so much. Oh, and while he sits and waits he'll help other walking people if they get hurt. I think he's going to rip their blisters open and suck the gunk out, or something like that.

And while he's sucking blister guts out, DKM is going to follow the Woman round in a van and point and laugh at her. But if the Woman does ok, DKM might give her a Diet Coke, and might not run her over with the van.

But that picture? We are totally not being nice to each other. We were just excited to see the ginormous food thingy after so long of not seeing it. And the Woman set it up to make sure we had enough food...but we both wanted to try it out and we both got there at the same time, so we took a few bites before I whacked Buddah upside the head.

Oh yeah, I did it.

The People leave for the Boob Walk day after tomorrow, but the Younger Human is going to come over and open cans of Stinky Goodness for us. He's gonna smell like That Damned Dog Butters, but still, I like him. He gives me a WHOLE can at once instead of making me share of with Buddah.

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THat is close! WE know you gave Buddah a good whack!

Wow! You know when things are going on at the house, sometimes it's better just to eat when you can and then attack later.

My human could NEVER leave dry food out for Binga and Boodie - they would gorge themselves!

Paws up and best wishes for a good walk for your human!

We are glad the younger human is coming to feed you. You would starve if all you had to eat was dry food.

Cody and Gracie

PS - we were over at Just Capshunz on the cheeseburger network and saw this picture of you - totally cool.

That is TOTALLY what it looks like, max, and you know it. You're just in Denial.

We'll be cheering on the Woman! And the Man too, as he sucks up that Blister-Dew! Mmmmm, tasty.

Sorry the Younger Human smells so disgusting, but any port in a storm. You need your Stinky Goodness.

We just saw the previous comment--Woo-Hoo! You were on cheezburger! Pawsome, Dood.

Even I know you two been set up but your human did a good set up ! Look so real for me, If I didn't read, so hard to tell. Your human is very dangerous !

Good luck to the Woman--we bet she does just fine!

hope all that practicing walking means she doesn't fall down..

Did h*ll freeze over? Good luck to your mum. We don't even want to think about your dad sucking gunk.

We are surprised ya let him get a few bites before ya whapped him!

We want a ginormous food thingy.