Look. The People went to this new place where she can practice her walking a little bit more, and look what they found.

NO. They did NOT bring one home for me.

Man, I bet they're tasty.

Probably don't taste like chicken, but that's okay. I could get used to nomming on Donald or Daffy Duck...

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Man they do look tasty! Too bad. I hear duck is really good.

Max ! That's sad ! You should have a one of them as a meal !

Some of Mac's food is ducky! He likes it!

What were they thinking???

The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

Duck is tasty! It's currently one of my favorite cat food flavors. Too bad you did not get one!


Nothin say lufin like duck in the oven!

y'know, the woman has those poles for walkin' now; you'd think she coulda whacked one from a safe distance. there's just no excuse for this neglect. which of her cherished possessions could meet a toothy death as retribution? (the poles would prolly gif you a teethache, so it otta be somethin' else.)


We had some canned duck flavor Stinky Goodness. It tastes stronger than chicken!

A whole buffet of them!

Mr Max, please don't eat the duckies.

Ducky Cutie Pie.

Sigh. Of course I got a hige plate of crushing disappointment. How did you know, Max?

Duck really is not as good as chicken.