Arrrr, doods, you would not believe how good this places smells today! T' people be makin' a real live fresh went t' Davy Jones' locker TURKEY in t' oh-man-this-takes-forever cookin' thin'y. All day long I've had t' smell it cookin' and I'm startin' t' drool, but tonight THERE WILL BE TURKEY!!!

No one tell Buddah! He's been sleepin' in t' aft o' t' house all day and I don't think he has a clue. It's gonna be all mine!

(Like me stlyish red eayeatch? I didn't think black would show on me beautiful black fur very well...)

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Toss Buddah onto th' poop deck if the knave tries t'shanghai yer turkey!

Aye Matey, ye be looking stylish I think! Shall we leave the bilge ratties snoozing and go have us a taste?

You sure are styling Max.

Hope you had all the turkey you wanted. We only had cat food tonight.

arrrrrrrrrrrrrr - when be it time to pillage?

Lol hilarious

Love the eye patch! Red becomes you!

Ducky has a red eye patch too. You look rather dashing Max! Arrrgh.

Ahoy Max The Snarky, we invite yer ta join us on the Pirate Ship "Cat Tree" what sails the high seas in search of Nip Grog an fine vittles!

An be it known there WILL be chicken, treats, and we'll flirt with the tavernish wench-hes in port

Cap'n Marley

Hey, an flirt with the mancats too..

F'rst Mate Princess Ayla and BilgeRat Iza

On second look, that right oughter be "wench-Shes" fer ME and US...

Cap'n Marley

Ahoy Matey!

Arrrrrrrrr, we Gentlemen'o'Fortune arrrrrre all about sharin' our treasure--Arrrr, matey, I think you should wake the Buddah up for dinner, Or he might have you keelhauled!

Take what be yours and make the others walk the plank! Yo-ho-ho, we pirates likes our turkey!

Monika cooked turkey in the crock pot last week. You're right it smells wonderful.


Aaarrggghhh you be stylin' Max!
We be late to arrive for the turkey fest & grog but please be tellin' us there still be wenches aboot, savvy?

Yes, very stylish!

Max, our established, three cat household has been invaded by our own "Buddah Pest" only HER name is Angel Mae! Last night our Person brought us home this scrumptious, roasted turkey breast from the deli! As the smell of the hot, golden brown turkey filled the room us “Resident Cats” were milling around patiently waiting for our portions to be provided to us by our primary Staffer, but, we knew the cold stuff had to get put in the fridge first - I think it's "A Rule" in our house. Okay, but, this little, four pound Trouble Maker immediately jumped up on the kitchen table and began to tear into the shopping bag over the box holding this most glorious smelling fresh, live dead turkey meat like it was going to be ALL for herself! Max, you've got to TELL her - we don't care if she is this fancy, fluffed up Ragdoll kitten - no one eats before us BIG CATS! Your Pals, Casey and Buffee Moon, 11 years seniority, plus Cody, the recently ousted baby cat.

Whay a neat tuxedo cat.