Hahahahaha Doods, you gotta go look...people have been captioning me!


I'm pretty sure you guys can caption the picture, too...

The Woman is getting ready to shut down the computer and I don't think the Younger Human knows my passwords anyway, so I'm offline until next week.


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We loved the captions! See you inna week...

But we think we WILL try to have fun while you are away. ;)

Whoa, that's a lotta captions, you are famous!

U are even MORE famous now! My favorite was the "breaking news...Mouse-filled" one.

Good luck to your Human with her walking! Be nice to Butters ;-) (Nah, I **don't** really mean that.)

As if we could have fun without you, Max. See you in a week.

Some of the captions hit your personality perfectly. It was as if you captioned them yourself.

Good luck to your mom now that she is done practicing walking and has to do the real thing.

Cody and Gracie

Just one more reason you're da king of the cat blogosphere Max. You rule. Those captioning beans are funny. My mommy is rarely that clever. Then after she is she gets this pain behind her eye and has to lay down. snigger.

We'll be sending your mommy good supporting thoughts while she walks for the boobs. That is so awesome she does that.

Don't worry, I have a two year old harassing me into insisibility and calling me "Hengrich! Hengrich!" i won't have any fun...

WOW! you were captioned a lot!

Max, you rule, as usual!!!

Bwhahahaha! All doze funnies in one place! Yoo rule Max. Yur hyooman knows when an opportunity to get da bestest pics for a an LOL pops up! We knew yoo sniffin dat yellow creamy chemikal fing had poe-ten-shul. Heh heh.

Wow, you've hit the big time, Max!!

Loved the cheezburger comments.