Things on my mind

  • Someone stopped following me. I notice those things. WHY YOU NO LIKE ME?

  • The Woman tripped over her own feet earlier. So I guess she really does need all that walking practice.

  • There’s nothing worth watching out the windows, but I keep looking.

  • I think we need some sticky people out there. And for someone to rip the bushes out because we can’t see past them.

  • Buddah likes to use one of the dammit machines as a bed and a place to play. It’s good that someone uses it.

  • Yeah, we know he hasn’t blogged in forever. He needs help to do it, and the Woman has a lot of things going on.

  • Plus, he’s a crackhead.

  • In early May the Man gave the Woman a little vase with a single rose in it. It’s still on the fireplace mantel. It looks really bad.

  • But then so does the rest of the house.

  • The Woman wants to know who keeps kicking litter out of the box. I don’t think it matters since she never sweeps in that room anyway.

  • At least she scoops.

  • We have the hots, but not nearly as much as our friends back east. They have the Oh Holy Hell Hots.

  • I am doubly enjoying the cold air blowing thingy just for them.

  • That’s how awesome I am.

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Max, you rule, you are my hero!!! When I grow up I want to be just like you. Is that OK, even if I am a girlie cat?

Miracle 4Paws

Yeah, we lost someone recently too, off our list! The NERVE!!

We lost a whole bunch of our pals from our Google reader. We were furry unhappy about that.

The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

We haven't stopped following anybody, but we have noticed that if we follow new blogs they show in our reader but we don't show as a follower.

Max, those are some interesting thoughts you have.

You put a lot of thought into this post! We have people following us that we have no idea who they are! WHen we follow people, it takes a couple of months for them to show up in our reader!

Pawsome thoughts! We luf the way you roll! xoxo

If someone stops following me, I just think they're the ones losing out!

My Human hardly understands the whole following thing. She is so lame. At first we used to sign up to follow people but we don't understand what it even means or what this "reader" people speak of is. I have followers but I don't know what they do or what I do. Sometimes they come and go. I don't have very many followers; maybe it's because nobody loves me or maybe it's because I don't follow them. Once a week or two ago we losted ALL our followers but then they came back and now it seems like they are "members". It's all more than my Human can understand or worry about.

Thanks for the news about Buddah. We were wondering if he was okay or not. He may not be as cool as you are Max; but, I think he is kind of cool also. Love you both.


P.S. Keep cool! :-)

"THINGS ON OUR MIND" We wish you would stop over and visit us!" (unless of course you do and we just don't know that!)


If I could... I'd follow you twice.

I don't know who would stop following you... I'd follow you twice to make up for it, if I could.

i will replace your missing follower.... i'm way better than him/her anyways.

By "following" do you mean in Twitter?
We'd follow you if mum would get off her ... and actually log in! But we check on you here everyday - can you tell? You are the 'attitudest' cat on the interwebs, Max.

Bushes are blocking your view of Cat TV?! We live for the views out our windows! You are welcome to visit anytime.

Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, Caramel, Sunny, and Sky (& fosters Jett, Panda, and Domino)

I notice when someone stops following me too Max. It makes me crazy not knowing who and why!

I love you Max, but I miss Buddhah!!!

Well this really sums it up, we love your lists! We can especially relate to the lack of cleaning around this house. Lazy lazy.....

Sam & "following" I mean the Google Friend Connect thingy in the right sidebar. It used to be called "Followers" but Google got all uppity and decided people and kitties needed to connect and not follow. ::shrugs::: Who knows why they do what they do...