All that walking practice and the Woman still doesn't have it even close to perfected. I mean, yesterday she practiced for hours and hours, so you'd think she could manage better than the average sticky person, right?


I think she regressed. Right from the time her feet hit the floor this morning, she's been shuffling around like someone shoved a stick up her asterisk. And she's all hunched over like a 90 year old.

Doods. She clearly needs professional help.

I thought I might be able to help her by going online and looking for someone who knows all about walking and can come help her learn a little better, but doods, look what I found!

It's a thingy to help people walk!

It's like someone out there KNOWS her and made this with her in mind!

I am totally buying it for her with my next royalty check, because that's how awesome I am.

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And there's a basket where you can ride in it with her!

Whoa, I'm not even sure how that works!

Max, that would be the gift that keeps on giving. There's a lot of room in that basket for real live fresh dead shrimp.

That basket also would hold a lot of Temptations packages....

Where's the motor?

Warning! Graphic Images Do NOT click the link below if you are a scaredy cat!

Sparkle, the hooman stands on the side away from the kitteh basket, flips up the seat (usually) and holds onto the top bars to walk. The rollerator takes part of the hoomans weight, kind of like those underwater treadmills for kittehs (<----- this is the scary link).

The levers with the non-sparkle balls on them are the brakes the hooman can use to help stop or slow down.

The padded seat is for kittehs.... er... for when the hooman gets tired or needs to wait in line or something. She can sit down and be comfortable.

I have a rollerator, as they are called and it really helps on bad knee/hip days. It also helped me rehab after knee surgery. Mine is nowhere near as fancy as the photo, but it gets the job done.

We know how she likes spiffy toys and that one is spiffy! A seat, a basket and hand brakes!

Hey Max, do you want us to help decorate the basket for you? That way when you go walking with the woman you will be looking even more awesome!!

When will the woman learn? Exercise just ain't where its at! Highly overrated.

A place fur you to sit! How kind of you to help your mom out like that! That's how we kittehz roll, always thinkin of others! MOL!

Grandmom had one of those things the last few times she visited. It helped her lots! Ayla

You guys are right, that basket will totally come in handy for her. But I'm NOT riding in it! Not if it means going outside!

Maybe she sits on it and puts her feet in the basket while someone pushes her around? I think it's for when she gets too tired to walk and sorta forgets how.

Oh, Max, you are gonna get spanked! That walk assisting thingy is for OLD people who are unstable on their feet not your marathon mum. You are a very cheeky cat.

our mom has a t-shirt that sez, "if you diet and exercise, you're gonna die ennyway". that is her mantra as she pulls back the handle on her recliner;-)

(we realizes that the Woman is doin' it fur the boobies, an' that's a good thing; we's proud she's doin' it!)