Yesterday the Man and the Woman went someplace different for her to practice walking. They've been there before and they spend hours there and she only walks like 5 miles, but she likes walking there because she gets to see some of her favorite animals, like tigers. She freaking loves tigers. Yesterday they got to see a tiger swimming under water, which apparently wasn't as lame as it sounds because it swam in a pool with see-through walls, and it was right up against the wall closest to them.

Did you know tigers flap their ears closed when they dive underwater? If the Woman would do that, she wouldn't whine so much about getting water in hers.

Anyway, she loves the tigers, but for the first time ever she got to see a fennec fox up close.

Look at those ears! He's a frootbat for sure... Hell, even I looked at that and thought Dooood! Awesome!

Just before she took the picture he was peeing...I think she should get a brownie point or something for letting him finish first. That's not a moment a guy wants captured for posterity.

I wouldn't mind being able to go and see the tigers and this little guy, other than the whole going outside and then getting in the car thing. And the whole that tiger would eat me thing.

They should have a Max display. People would pay to come see me.

Well, I would.

Oh, and don't forget, in less than a month the Woman is going to be drawing numbers for the Nano, the Kindle, and the iPad. Save the Boobies, win a prize!

It's a win-win, really...she does the practice walking and gets all sweaty and stuff, but you get to save the boobies!

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Wow! Those are the most impressive frootbats we ever saw.

Those are spectacular frootbats!!

The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

WOW!! What a gorgeous FOX!! <3

I think he is cute ! I hope he is not the dangerous one!

Your mom may love the Tiger, But I think I know her secret, whatever she love Tiger, You still come first : )

Have a great day, Max

Wowee! I think he could probably communicate with the space station!

That does not look like the foxes here. What in the hello kitty does it need those huge ears for, anyway? Skeery. Haf a great weekend.

Oh! I know this! It has those really big ears to help it get rid of body heat fast. It lives in a desert, and those big ears have really thin skin so let the hots out.

But is it vishus????

I'd pay to see you, Max. Really, I would.

Also, I don't think the tiger would eat you. Too much like cannibalism!