The People decided to get their asterisks out of bed early this morning (well, early for them, late for normal people) to go to San Francisco so the Woman could practice her walking some more. She says "the city" (like it's some magical hoity toity place...if she were drinking her little finger would have its own little Viagra moment) has good hills to walk on. I think she could just push the button on the Dammit Machine to make it incline higher, but apparently that makes too much sense.

Anyway, they went and practiced walking, and part of that practice is buying stuff. She came home with these blindling yellow-green pants with a matching jacket, something called a track jacket which is kinda dorky because her asterisk isn't going anywhere near a track, and says she walked some good hills but gets winded on them too easy, which is "not a good thing."

Ya think?

Anyway again, she and the Man went into a mall to steal some a/c and have some lunch, and they spotted this and she said "That's totally Skeezix!":

It's a Hello Kitty bicycle!

Srsly, I think if they could have stuck in in the backpack, Skeezix woulda been getting a bike for Happy Skeezix Day. No, I dunno when that day is, but it's probably coincides with teh second day of school, when everyone tries to make him feel better about the school bus not stopping to pick him up.

The bike doesn't have any pedals, though... so if Skeez does wind up getting one, someone's gonna have to push him around on it...

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Sounds like walkin in San Fran was alot of fun! That bike looks cool! My mom would haf to haf one wif a motor(cod luv her). Have a pawsome day.

We think Skeezix would love that bicycle!

Maybe Skeezix's Mom will go there and but it for him. Maybe they should have bought it and let the man ride around on it during the big walk your woman is practicing for.

Cody and Gracie

That is way cool Max. I hope Skeezix gets it and then Mr Tastyface can push him around on it!

Oh great - now my human wants a Hello Kitty bike! She needs to get a grip and start walking for a good cause like your human does.

We are embarrassed a bit ta say we dont know why the Woman is walking funny. We searched our memories an checked back lots of posts, but dint find out.

Could ya esplain again fer us fergetful stupids?

Anyone notice they installed the front fender backwards? *sigh*

Skeezix could ride his bike to school.

Forget Hello Kitty! That's the purrfect Skeezix bike!!

Maybe Mr Tastyface could put a battery pack on the bike for Skeezix so he could zoom around on his own.

Ur peepulz were in MY city and they didn't come over??? Seriously?

But I know why the Woman wants to come walk here. It's like 40 degrees cooler than where you live Max. When you're practicing walking, that's a good thing.

Thanks for the table advice. I'll give it some thought. You're sure it won't SUCK ME INTO HELL??