I am not lazy!

I was...tired. Really. Just tired...

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You might be tired, Max, but you look amazingly rested! Handsum as always, furriend. Haf a great Sunday. xoxo

Yep ! You are absolutely not lazy !!! I can see your paws move without body moves..heh..heh..heh

I didn't see you being lazy. I saw you moving your paw and playing...

Max, my Man! That's not lazy! That just energy-conservation! Why get all the way up when you KNOW that toy is coming right to you? I approve of the style of play and often engage in it myself. I mena, why exert yourself when it's unnecessary?

Oh heck, we play like that all the time, especially when it's hot.

We don't see you as being lazy, either. Your eyes were open, after all, and you were making a valiant effort to play. :-P

Max you are adorable!!! My kitties like to laze around and play. Especially the big girl Darcy


Why get up to play when the toy can come to you? You are just conserving energy.

Max, you are displaying the ultimate of restraint in not jumping up for the toy. We know that must have taken a lot of effort!!

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That was just being smart Max. Let your humans do all the work. No such word as "lazy" in a kitten's vocabulary!

We can't see any lazy there. You are keeping your human entertained without using valuable energy. She should be proud of you.

Hey, you were totally set up for that video! Hoomins!

Max, why do the humans think if they wave some silly toy in our face, we hafta get all excited and jump around like crazy?? Sheesh! Sometimes a cat just wants to sit back and relax.

We don't see lazy.
Looks like they woke you up from a nap to "play". So you deign to acknowledge their efforts with a swat or two.