See what I have to put up with?

Every freaking day...

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You shoulda bit that hand a little harder, Max....

Yep, we do. Good thing you are quicker than the Hand!

Mindy, Moe, BonBon, Cookie & Mike

good grief - maybe if you draw blood he will stop?

Shoot. I don't even see any BLOOD, Max. You're not really trying, are you?

Yeah--I'd have drawn blood by now.

Mr. Max, Your Human is cool !
let you have his fresh !!!

That looks like fun for both of you!

Quit messing around and USE YOUR FANGS.

Humans! They mess with you and think it they are being cool. Feh.

MOL! I think if you wanted to put the bitey on him, you would have already done it! Happy Monday!

Wow, Max really reminds me of how Neko used to play fight. She's gone to the bridge, but she was a lovely girl and a fierce warrior of a cat.

I get a little bit of that, too, Max. Mom pets my head, then my chest, then she tries to get personal with my tummy and I have to put the bitey on her.

We think you're having fun with the man, otherwise, you would have stopped this game by giving him a good bite. Sorry, we think you're just whining about nothing.

Smack him good and draw blood.

Looks like you did get a bite in...

Awwww I think that is adorable!

Max you got him!
We know you didn't want to hurt him.
This is so cool, have we ever seen you in a video before?

Um, forgive us, but we dont recall you doin a video before (but then our active memories fer stuff like that go back about a week).

Annyway, it was cool!

Iza plays "paws" with TBT more then anny of us, but I am learnin. But I bunnykick his hands an he dont like that much. Iza says I gotta calm down a bit. She says his hands are NOT like our heads or even our pawspads. Well, mebbe he shouldda told me!

But you did a great job!


You need to put the bitey on the Man so right now!

Get him, Max!

He really should be careful of your 'jaws 'o death," maybe grab on & just don't let go? Punkin & da Shadow

harharharhar! that's how nitro plays, but igmu kicks it up several notches an' gets knocked off the chair efurry time. like you, nitro's smart enuf not to draw too much blood;-)