Let's play Find the Kitty!

At least, we played it yesterday. The Woman heard a thump and then heard me meow--and then nothing. So she freaked out a little and started looking for me, thinking I'd somehow hurt myself. She went up and down the hall, looked in every room, looked under the bed, went into the bathroom and looked in the tub, came into the office and looked under the desk, and then did it all again, all while whispering "Max?" in a kinda loud way.

She wanted to find me, but didn't want to wake the Man up.

Now, I watched most of this, but didn't feel compelled to speak up. I mean, come on, this was entertaining! She just assumed I'd be on the floor or no higher than chair level. She never once looked UP.

Buddah was following her around like a puppy dog, but he didn't rat me out. He knew what was coming next and wanted to be right there when it happened.

And then it did.

She went for the crunchy treats. She went into the kitchen and got the bag of Temptations and started shaking it as she walked down the hall, because that's one thing I cannot resist. And dammit, it worked. She came into the office and I heard the bag crinkle, and without even thinking about it I sat up and meowed.

Man, was she surprised. "How did you get up there?" she asked, obviously not thinking.

I walked down the length of the closet thingies and jumped down to the top of the climbing tower and the light bulb went off over her head. Then she gave us crunchies, and went off to walk on the Dammit Machine for the rest of the day.

Seriously. That thing was on All. Freaking. Day.

I tried it again this morning, jumping up there and meowing, but it didn't work. She didn't get any crunchy treats. She just grabbed her phone and tried to take a picture with it.

Maybe later.

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Dude! If she can't find you, you get treats??? I've going about this the wrong way!

Good job, dood. I run out of the house every once in a while, knowing it will bring the bag of greenies out.

That's a great place to hide.

Cody and Gracie

You need to find a new place to hide, Max, so the treats will come out again.

Getting crunchy treats is a really good reward for hiding, MOL! I LOVE to hide where she can't find me, cause the escalating panic in her voice is sooooo entertaining!

That is high up. Too bad you could not resist the treat bag! It would have kept her home longer.

Well, duh. "How did you get there?" You jumped. Silly beans, so obvious.

Good job Max!
You really had her going there, plus you drove her to the dammit machine!
Buddah was smart for once, knowing what the end result would be...Temptations!!!

We are jealous! But ya did the return wrong Dude! Yer sposed to act like ya cant get back down. So she doesnt know how ya got up there ta start.

But we unnerstand the lure of the rattled crunchies. It cannot be resisted... You are forgiven.