So. I was really nice and let the Woman sleep in a little today, figuring it would get me some chin skritches. But what did she do? After she fed us she went outside to practice walking again!

Doods, all this time and she still doesn't have the whole one foot on front of the other thing down. And she's really bad, since it took her all freaking day to do it. And then later, she got on the dammit machine and did it some more!

Tomorrow, I'm waking her asterisk up at DAWN.

And just a reminder, she and Jeter's Mom and a bunch of others are walking to save the boobies again. DKM is gonna be there to drive people around and to feed them. Even the Man will be there, he's not gonna pass gas, but if anyone gets hurt he's gonna help them.

The Woman is doing two walks and is still trying to raise money--she's like $300 away from goal for the San Francisco walk and over $2200 away for the Atlanta walk--and people who donate have a chance at winning an iPod Nano, a Kindle e-reader, and a 64GB iPad. Those are some freaking awesome prizes! For details and to donate, go to ROCK THE PINK.

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We hope she appreciates you waking her extra early!

That's an amazing thing your mom is doing! I'm sure she appreciates all the extra help you give her. Happy Sunday!

Your human is doing a good thing, Max. And you're doing a good thing by helping her.

You should be very proud of your Mom. She's doing something very special!!

The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

Your Mom is great with boobies, but what about YOU?? Max, we think a kamikaze awakening is in order.

Your mom is doing a wonderful thing.

I'm back blogging again. I've set up a new blog for the future furchildren. Please come by and visit at

Mom Paula

It's good you are going to wake her up earlier so she has even more time to practice. Say, Max, why don't you go with her? She could get you a little pink leash and everything!