Look at this!

I was there minding my own business, and Buddah jumped up on the couch just to annoy me. Oh, he acted like he wanted to lay down on the newspaper that was there, but I know better. I know because he stuck his cold wet nose against my furs before he started scratching his chin. And yeah, he plopped down and went to sleep, but I was on the couch first! He ruined my nap!

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Man that is like SO rude. You know what? I think your humans stole our sofa. And Gemini likes to sit behind the end of the pillows in the corner, so if there's suddenly another cat in your house, that's why.

I don't know what to tell you, Max. That sort of thing happens around here CONSTANTLY!

Little brothers are always getting in your way!

Wasn't it obvious to Buddah that that couch has room for only ONE kitteh?

Again, obviously, you were there first; ergo, there was no room for him!

How did he even squeeze up there when it was obvious (x3) that he simply would not fit?


Doesn't he know that it's a one kitteh couch? I hopes you got a nap, anyways. Purrs.

Youngsters! No manners today, these kids.

Pushy, inconsiderate, stinky little brothers!!!!

Man! Next he'll be breathing YOUR air! Where will it stop???

It's hard to keep those pesky younger brothers away from you, isn't it Max?

What is that nickname you give your little brother - Buddah `pest` - he`s living up to the pest part.

Mindy, Moe, Bon Bon, Cookie & Mike

He had LOT more couch ta sit on. And he SHOULD have used it. Left your part alone!

Younger brothers can be a real pain sometimes.

Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, Caramel, Sunny, and Sky (& fosters Joan, Jett, Braveheart, Panda, and Domino)

P.S. From Sunny and Sky: We ARE NOT!