Man, I got really excited tonight because the Woman set up a second food thingy in the big bathroom, really close to the closet I like to hide in. And then she put out a giant bowl of water. So I was thinking score!, because, dooods, tons of food!

But then I saw the bags by the door and realized that tomorrow is when the People are going to go do stupid things to themselves in the snow, and that Damned Dog Butters is coming over. So my excitement turned to crushing disappointment. I should have expected that.

At least the people put food where I can get to it without having to look at that dog. I don't know what they expect me to do about a litter box, because I'm probably not coming out of that bathroom until he's gone. I suppose I can poop in the bathtub...normally I'd think of pooping in the closet, but not if I'm gonna live there for a day or two.

I don't know what Buddah's plans are, but I figure with that dog here, it's every cat for himself. The closet is mine.

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The bathtub would be better than the closet for a poop box

OMG how long are we going to have to wait to find out if you survived?

We're glad you have a safe place away from doggie slobber!

Can you get to the bedroom without the dawg seeing you? Just think of the size pile of poop you could have waiting on the pillow when they get back.

Buddah likes the top of the cabinets in the kitchen. He can chill there and still keep an eye on DDB.
Meanwhile you have the relative comfort of a snug closet and food at your bedside! You win!

Max, I do hope you survive. Even more than I hope you folks survive...

charge Buddah rent if he wants to be in the closet too.

oh, and pooping in the tub is an excellent idea

We agree - go with the tub. It is kinda litter box shapped and that way you have a nice separate place to sleep.

I thinks the bathtub is best idea, maybe somebean will put a litter box in there for you?
Hang in there Dude,

I hopes the invader doesn't bother you too much. Otherwise just chill out for a few days.

If the People don't give you a litter box in the bathroom, the bathtub is the next best thing. I hope everyone survives just fine.

Can't wait to hear how your days went with Butters in the house and the Woman and Man gone. As soon as they return, you have to let us know.

I'm thinking of you, Max. I hope maybe you got used to Butters and get over your fear of DDB eating you.

Maximus Spittimus advises that you claim the closet as soon as possible. Buddah must find his own hidey hole!!!

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Max, thanks for telling me that you mostly stopped playing at three years old. I always thought that a healthy kitty was a playful kitty and have been a little worried about how little Herman plays. Now I won't worry about it so much.