My Day in pictures... see what I see?

You see what I see?

Clearly, it's mine and not yours...

No, not yours!

Just wait a while...I might leave you some...


=sigh= The Woman took pity, didn't she? You'll never learn this way...

I took pity on him

This is like kitty on demand! I don't think we get to keep it forever, though, the People just want to get us used to it because they're planning on going somewhere soon to kill themselves in the snow and won't come home to feed us at night.

It's not Stinky Goodness, but for a pinch it'll do.

I'm not sure what they expect Buddah to eat. It's not like I plan on sharing with him...

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Yeah--you know that's cool. Maybe they'll get a second one?

i wish my people would get me that!

The may have to get Buddah his own!

If they come home and Buddah's starved to death, I don't think the People are gonna be very happy with you. Just sayin'.

Buddah can come and holiday with me if he wants.

You mean you get never ending food? Wow!

Cute post! Now be nice and share, Max!

Ooooh!! our mom got us one of those a little while back (because she was tired of having to feed us every two seconds she said)(so we're "jolly" so what?) Anyway, we LOVE it!! We can eat and eat and eat. And she didn't even go anywhere - she just wanted us to be happy (and quiet!) She loves us! And your people love you a lot, too - you are very lucky!

mom thought about gettin' us one (or two), but decided not to, because we'd all need skateboards under our bellies after a couple of weeks! can come and stay at my house..we have an all black girl kitty who looks just like you and would absolutely love to share her food with you....and...then I could have two black cats to trip over in the pitch black hallway in the middle of night :)

I noticed in your pictures you have a drinkwell fountain. Do you guys like it? Does yours make alot of noise from vibration of the pump. I just got one for my two and am trying everything to quiet the vibration on the floor in the kitchen. Our kitchen is open to the living room and I can hear the vibration..

That Woman thinks of everything!
Now if she would just get lazy and leave it there for you two.

I don't notice any vibration from the fountain unless everything isn't seated correctly. I do hear the hum of the motor, but it's not loud at all, even in an open space.

It might help to put a mat under the fountain, if you don't already have one. That will absorb quite a bit of noise and vibrations. we got our mat at Petsmart for about $9...helps if they spill, too...

Oh you guys are so lucky!! That is awesome! Plus if they go for a couple days you can totally have a house trashing party! So so Lucky!!

Pawsome! Crunch foods when you wants! I not allowed to eats crunch foods cept temptashuns some times. You has a very lucky Max.

Max. you are art the never-ending kibble bowl, so YOU win!

Karen, my kitty fountain didn't vibrate but my fish tank pump did--a lot. I bought cork tiles from the craft store (hardware store probably has too) and placed the pump on top of them and that helped. I'll bet it would work for the cat fountain.

Hey, we have that same kind of feeder so we always have dry kibbles, too. You're right though, Max. It's not the same as having stinky goodness, but it's OK for a few days.

Hasn't Buddah learned who's Senior Cat there? Everyone knows the Senior Cat eats first.

George (Senior cat)

Poor Buddah...he's so mistreated. We're sure you'll really let him eat some food while The Woman is gone, Max...won't you?

purrs and hugs,
The Kitty Krew

wow! it has been a great week for us. You get food on demand, I get the little turd locked up. Nice.

Maybe next I'll get a food on demand toy and you'll get a cage for Buddah. It would be like winning the lottery!

Uh oh..I bet that dumb dog will scarf that whole stash right down while you're hiding...