Oh man, today the weather was nice, so the front door got opened and some windows got opened. We really needed that, because this place was starting to smell like cat poop and people sweat. The cat poop smell isn't so bad, because we poop rainbows you know, but people sweat? Major Ugh.

They actually do bathe regularly, but they just can't help it. I heard the Younger Human say once it was worse at his house because it's a house full of guys and apparently Dood Stink is unique. I'd kind of like to check that out for myself, but that would require a ride in the car in my plastic tomb, and then when I got there I'd have to content with two other kitties, and that Damned Dog Butters. The Woman says I can get an idea of it by getting into the Man's car, but I think I'll pass.

I'm just glad we got some fresh air today, and I think Spring is just around the corner!

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Hi Max,

Happy for you having some airing out of your house. Yes, Dood Stink is pretty awful sometimes. I was in a store today. The salesman had overwhelming B.O. I was so glad to get out of there!

It's always good to get some fresh Max. Helps clear the brain. Or something.

our the mom uses febreeze in the metal monster. maybe you should give the man and the younger human some.

We really want spring to come back. We need some major Porch Time over here.

You want dude stink?
Try sweaty hockey equipment festering in a duffel bag for a week, not being allowed to dry & air out.
Then try shuffling 6 hockey playing dudes home from a particularly sweaty game. Do this from the age of 5 to high school and experience Incremental Stink.
Mom has many tales of equipment woes.

We are reasy for some airing out, too! We don't think we would like Dude stink!

Our Mom opened a window today to toss out a spider who crawled out from behind the tv while she was dusting. Then she shut it quick quick because it's only 28 degrees here!

We wish it was nice enough here to open the windows - you are very lucky!

And yes, dood stink is the worst!

It's raining too much here for airing out. We can't see why the Humans make such a fuss about litterbox stink. It smells fine to us.

We had the door open this week too! Go Spring!

Open windows ::sigh::

We're jealous. We still have snow on the ground. But that doesn't stop PB from trying to escape as he loves to play in the snow.

Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, and Caramel

Heh Heh.
We both thought of the same thing at Harley's blog. Who's gonna shovel the poop? Great minds.....

man, yer lucky if it's gonna be spring there soon. it's snowin' an' sleetin' here.

an' dood stink? oh, yewbetcha--cat poop ain't a patch on it!! miss ginger hadda do laundry from two dudebeans that were tourin' the USA last summer. they was drivin' all day inna van an' sleepin' all night--frequently inna same van. she hadda wash efurrything twice an' used up two cans of lysol inna van. bleccchhhh.

Oh man, spring is not just around the corner for us...mom says we still got at least 6 weeks...bummer....

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We are so jealous Max. We just got 30" of snow. So The Big Thing can't leave and we can't go outside ta poop, and all the winders are locked down solid!

Yuck, we can't wait fer Spring...

Hey Max... this Human might be onto something, yeah?


Oh man, the open windows sound pawsome! Can't wait till we can open ours!

About the wall, it's actually 1x6 tongue and groove pine paneling. However, it probably could go on the floor too. The humans are going for the old farmhouse look or something. They're silly!