He sent home chicken tonight!

If this had been yesterday, I would think he loves me, but I'm happy enough for him just liking me.

Chicken, dooods! Real live fresh dead chicken!

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Max.. how could anyone not love your charming personality?! I'm glad you got chicken.

Very cool news about Denny! I knew he wouldn't forsake you. I mean, how could he?

And I bet if you show your belleh tomorrow you'll get some beads. That's all I do.

I'm guessing that if you played Denny and AppleBee off against each other, you could be getting chicken and steak every night!

awesome! but how could Denny NOT like you?


We wish Denny would deliver us some chicken, but we just know we are too far away - yer making us drool, Max.

Mindy, Moe, Bon Bon, Cookie & Mike

Denny came through!

Now, what were those things you said about Denny last week? And he still sent you chicken? He is a cool dude!

Max, old buddy, old pal...I really like chick-hen. Could you introduce me to this Denny guy?

Max S.

Wow that is great news! We are glad that he still likes you - and that you got chicken too!

YAY Max! We not understand how any one can hates you!

Yay!! Chicken and steak in the same week.

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YAY Denny! That is so great. Our Bein never goes out annywhere with foods.

But we do get bits when he cooks...

chick-hen is proof that denny loves you an' wants you to be happy!!