youngerhumanRemember him?

My Younger Human?

In just 10 days he's going to jump in some really, really cold water, all to benefit the Special Olympics.

He's raised a few bucks, but could always use a few more. One buck, two bucks...and not the vishus deer type bucks, it all helps.

He has a donation page.

I'm just sayin'...

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We think the Younger Human would do better in that really cold water if he had a little more body fat. Could you get Denny to send him some food?

We found Mom's card and donated some.

I am sorry that I can't donate right now. I did donate earlier. I have dental surgery coming up that I have to pay for and the green papers are going to be a little tight for a while.

Max, we've known you for so long that we feel like we've watched the Younger Human grow up.
He's a good man.

We donatified awhile ago. Good luck to your Younger Human!

Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, and Caramel (AKA Miss Floofs)

deer max,
mi mom hazza speshul place in her hart fer da speshul olympix ... since one uv her stoodentz participatez evree yeer.
i hope dat i wuz able to make a bit uvva splash (harharhar) fer yer younger hyooman.
luv--yer grate an loyal frend--jh

Since we have a Special Olympian in our family (The Sweet Son), we are especially proud of your YH. Thank you for jumpin' in!