I survived. A few hours after the People left to go do stupid things in the snow, the Younger Human showed up with that DAMNED DOG BUTTERS. Now, I knew he was coming, but when he wasn't there right after the People left, I figured maybe he changed his mind, so I relaxed on top of the climbing tower in the library.


I was half asleep and then the door was being opened, and there he was in all his yapping, spastic glory. So I ran as fast as I could and I freaking flew over the hall gate, headed straight for the man's closet, and stayed there for 125 hours, or at least until the People came home and that DAMNED DOG BUTTERS left.

Luckily for me, the People decided to come home a day early because they're wimps and wanted to get ahead of 18" of snow that was headed for the mountains. And I was like, "Duh, you need snow to do those stupid things on, so you're leaving because it's going to snow?" but they were all "But there was going to be wind too, and we're very delicate creatures and don't want to die on the windy mountain roads," so I was like, "Yeah, whatever, at least that DAMNED DOG BUTTERS is gone."


Just to be sure, I stayed up on high things for a while, because you never know when a dog is going to hide and then jump out and surprise you.

They say they're going to go do stupid things in the snow again next week, but they're not going to be gone overnight, so I don't have to worry about hiding in the closet.

And you guys know, I'm not hiding because I'm afraid of Butters, right? I'm hiding because HE MIGHT EAT ME.

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We would hide because of his yapping, spastic attitude!

We're glad your life can go back to normal now, Max!!!

We totally understand why you want to avoid Butters! Seriously - he sounds like the kind of dog who would try to eat you - you are totally justified in hiding!

We are very relieved that you survived.

Well, we are glad your people turned out to be wimps about the whole snow thing.
Thank goodness for the refuge in the closet and you are right to keep to the upper reaches for the time being. Just to make sure.

Glad yoo avoided being eaten by da yapping, spastic woofie. We knew yoo weren't scared of him just him EATING yoo. We all know dat woofies will eat anything!

We think ya were wise to hide. Spasticky little yappy dogs are awful. Well, we never actally met one, but we just KNOW...

Max, I'm so glad that Butters didn't eat you up. Thank goodness for closets! and that life is back to normal with the people home and Butters GONE.

Max, there is a simple solution: eat Butters FIRST. I mean--his name is Butters right? Doesn't that mean he's MEANT to be eaten?

Glad you weren't eaten by the woofie. I hope he doesn't visit unannounced.

We never question your mancatliness Max.
I hopes you recovers soon!

Of course you weren't scared, Max, you're not scared of anything. But yapping woofies could eat anything without warning, so it's best to be prepared by staying out of the way. High is good. Woofies don't climb well, we hear. We're glad you didn't get eated either.

Purrs and hugs,
The Kitty Krew

We all know that you aren't afraid of Butters, just annoyed by his yapping and that dogs will eat anything. I am very glad that you survived and that Butters is gone from your house. Did you get any time with the Younger Human without Butters around? Because I know that you like him a lot.

I don't think you can trust any animal called Butters.

Yes, you cannot be too careful about these things! I mean some of us are just much more succulent looking than others - I bet he wouldn't even think about eating skinny Buddah! Well, I guess you could be complimented by his good taste then. Nah, better just stay up where you can be ready for anything - you're like a sentinal really.

Max, you've got a good perch there! Glad you were able to get away from Butters!

Whew! We're so glad you hear you survived, Max...we hope you don't hafta go through that again anytime soon...or ever!

Wow Max, that sounds like quite an exciting and scary weekend! Personally, I don't mind dogs, the few I have met were nice! I bet you could take on Butters though, you are a big strong mancat!
Humans are always doing silly things, I just don't understand them sometimes!
I just wanted to comment to let you know I have given you an award! I sure hope you didn't get this one before! Please stop by my blog to pick it up!
I am a long time fan of you! In fact, you are the one who gave me the idea to start blogging!
Have a good weekend with NO Butters!
-Monty Graycat

Excellent place to hide.

Max, we really think you need to teach the Younger Human a lesson so that he never brings THAT DAMNED DOG BUTTERS back ever again. Could you maybe work out a deal where you agree not to publish embarrassing photos of the Younger Human in exchange for TDDB never coming back? Just a thought.

Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, and Caramel

awwwwww poor kitty! you don't look too happy up there but happy Butters is gone .I don't think Butters would have eaten you tho - i bet he was scared of you and you didn't even realize it!