I want the fireplace thingy on.

The Woman says it's not cold enough in here for it.

The Man, when he gets up, will say, "It's a little chilly in here," and he will turn it on.

Clearly, the Man is the better person...

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We think that it is a great idea to turn the fireplace thingy on - being warm is very important!!

Clearly in your house this is so...

PS. UM? What does your Woman mean it's not cold enough for it? Who needs cold?

We think it is always time for the fire thingy!

When the Beans come back from their holidays every end of October, the woodburner gets lit and it stays burning until Spring. We spend most of the winter in front of it.

The fireplace thingy sounds so nice!

Go Man! We think he sounds much better than The Woman right now. MOL

Purrs and hugs,
The Kitty Krew

I wish I had a fireplace thingy.

The woman sounds like my landlord. Hey, don't YOU own the place?

We agree with you! In our home, clearly, Mom is the better person, as she is ALWAYS cold, and Dad is almost always warm.

Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, and Caramel

put your cold man nipples on her bare skin - that will get her moving

I think if the kitty wants the fireplace thingy on, what the humans think doesn't matter. It goes on. Yes, in this case your man is clearly the better person.

PS Mommy thought after I posted a picture of Joel while he was, um, "thinking hard" on Friday, I should show a softer side. I do make him pet me until I'm ready for them to stop.

Our mom's the one who's always cold here. Now that we got the new gas fireplace thingy it's on a lot! We love it!

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Oh yeah...we love when the fireplace thingey is on!! We hope the Man gets up a lot so you can have it on all the time!

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It is a cave man fing. Dey remember da fire from a squillion years ago.

If a Bein is cold, than the kitties are colder. They should learn that "a little chill" means the hot-blowy-thing should be ON!