Hey, guys, I have a new friend, and I think he decided to be my friend because of my massive disappointment with Denny! His name is Apple Bee, but I'm pretty sure he prefers to be called Mr. Bee, mostly because that's a girly kind of name and I really doubt he's a girly kind of guy.

He's a man's man, and I know this because, dooods... he sent me steak! Seriously! Real live fresh dead cow, cooked medium, and cut up into bite sized pieces!

I don't know where the People met Mr. Bee, but I'm not gonna question because, come on, steak!

It wasn't even a tiny taste, it was a pretty big taste, so now I'm a little full, and the fireplace is on so I can go soak up the warms and nap until dinner time.

My life is awesome.

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Our beans like Mr Bee, too! We just have to remind them to bring us our samples!

Max, Gracie likes steak too but I think she likes salmon almost as much. Have your human get a can of Alaskan wild salmon and drain the juice into a bowl for you...yum! Makes for a sleek coat too. Thanks for stopping by Gracie's birthday party.
Beth and Gracie (^.^)

Lucky! Did you save any to send to me and Sam? Or even just for ME? I am glad my Mommy doesn't eat animals, but I DO wish she would bring some for ME once in awhile!

Good for you! I wish I had friends like that!

We never liked that Denny bloke anyway. Mr Bee sounds much nicer.

Wow! We'd like to meet Mr.Bee.

That Mr. Bee sounds like one cool dude!

Sighs... steak... we luff steak.. not that we have had any, but we luff the smell of steak...

Our mom got a $25 gift card from catsitting our neighbors cats.
What are you waiting for Mom?
Steak! Now!

Good for You!!

Oh yum, mum visits Mr Bee often enough as he is nearby. Tonight she came home with a Cousin tuna samwitch. I got me some tuna!!

Your people are so thoughtful to bring you back some Mr. Bee steak.

Is good you gots a new friend that likes to sends you food, given your disapointments with Denny.
Has a good Valentimes Max.

Anything that deals steak is seiriously good! Raw is best but cooked rare is OK!

My gotta find a Apple Bee guy around here!

Tommy, visits Mr. Bee, sometimes. Says she loves the onion rings he fries up. You got steak!! I think I'd rather have the steak...oh, and Denny's loss... :)