Dooods, you're not going to believe this. I still don't believe it. I mean, it's unthinkable and my feelings are hurt and I'm not sure that I'll ever get over it.

I did not get to meet Denny today.

I waited by the door and I told the Woman more than once to hurry up because we had to be there before two o'clock because that's when the free food was going to run out, and I figured since my People are so cheap that they'd be all fired up to go.

But no.

They did not go.

I begged for them to take me, but then the Woman told me the truth. the truth that hurt me right down to my furry core.

Denny doesn't allow kitties.

Denny discriminates.

There was no free Grand Slam for Max. No chicken. Nothing.

I thought Denny really, really liked me. But he doesn't want to meet me and I'm not allowed to go see him, so I just don't know anymore. He might not even send me chicken ever again.

My life sucks.

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Max-Denny's doesn't just discriminate against kitties. I stopped going to the one in my area bucause they didnt like people of a certain color. My friends were that color. I wasn't afraid to boycott a place if it hurt my friend's feelings. They got sued in a court a couple of times and now that Denny's is closed. People lost their jobs too. If you are ever in my area in Michigan (around Flint), I will take you and your family to a really good breakfast place and you can have chicken if ya want, too. Be good.

I'm sorry Max. There's no accounting for taste.

The thing is, Max, that Denny's is missing out on a sizable load of revenue in not catering to us felines..They're not so smart, eh? Tell that Woman to fry you up an egg so's you don't go poop on'er pillow.

Denny just does not know what he is missing by not letting the great Max visit!

Man that is so unfair! Specist company!!!


Aaaww Max we're sorry!
The loss of a dream is always hard to take, but you know what? Maybe something even better will come along!

Max, Denny is just a jerk for not wanting to meet you. Don't worry about him - you deserve better!

But really, no free food - that stinks!

Maybe you just need a new perspective.... after all, traveling sucks, right? You get people to bring you stuff from Denny's which is way better than actually going yourself. Srsly.

Hmm, mom sez it's not Denny dat sez yoo can't come but da state law...should we beleeve her? Eh, let him keep sending yoo chick-hen anyway.

Maximus Spittimus has asked me to impart his words of wisdom.

Anyone who deny's a cat or kitten in any way shape or form is a heathen.

(not that Max is entirely sure what a heathen is but he knows it is not good)

Best Regards

Four Dinners
Aide de Camp

Does he not know how often you say really nice things about him? It's so unfair!

Aww, Max, I'm sorry that you didn't get to go see Denny. I think you should still let him send you chicken, though.

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we 'grees wif the whiskeratti an' karen jo! chick-hen rules!! we're sorry you're bummed, though. go chase buddah around until you've regained yer good humor;-) (sorry, buddah)

Oh man Max, that totally sucks.
You're lucky you got chicken at all though! My Mommy doesn't eat any meat at all so no yummy chickens or beefs or tunas for us!
Maybe you should boycott this Denny, and send the chicken to ME!