Dooods! I just heard that one of my favorite people, Denny, is giving everyone FREE FOOD tomorrow! EVERYONE! From 6 am to 2 pm you can go there and get a free grand slam! Whatever the heck that is, it's food and it's FREE!

See, I TOLD you Denny was awesome!!!

We all need to go and get our free food! (Oh yeah, if you're reading this on Tuesday, Feb 9th, it's TODAY so you better HURRY!!!) I am so excited!

I hope I get to meet Denny. He's, like, my hero or something.

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That is really awesome. Too bad there's no Denny's around here. Max, sardines are a bit salty, but not too bad. I get one sardine per day and the salt in one sardine from Beach Cliff is 83 milligrams. I get Beach Cliff sardines in soybean oil because I need the fats.


We don't have Denny in Australia. What a travesty.

Hey Max, we gave you an award!

As slow as our Denny's is, they may be able to give away 10 meals!

i could go to Denny's if we weren't surrounded by more than 2 feet of snow. i always miss out on the good deals.

did i forget to mention they are calling for up to 2 more feet tonight? oh yeah! who likes snow?

Wow! Just free to anyone? Or would I have to send the Woman and then get left overs?

crap crap crappity crap. we're snowed in here! there is a Denny place about 15 minutes away normally, but mommy says her car won't go in this weather. NOT COOL! At least I'm got breakfast in bed and extra spoiling this morning. I'll have to demand extra treats.

Doods! I thought I hear that Denny's is also doing free Grand Slams on your birthday. You know, in case you can't make today's freebie. My bday is Mother's Day so I probably will avoid restaurants as everyone and their mother will be out.

We heard this on the radio this morning! They were trying to find the one closest to their station! We didn't get to go because we have to WORK which is so STUPID! Plus with all the dumb snow it would be tough to get there.

We are sad. There are no more Denny's in Cowlumbus, Ohio. There used to be, but they all closed. meh. There is one about an hour away, but it is way to snowy to go anywhere. meh.


We can't go visit your friend Denny cause we has snows here. Eats some extra live free foods for us.

That was nice of Denny to give away free food...but we missed it...

As long as the Woman brings you back some ham or bacon...