Guys, remember a couple of years ago I told you a story about an awesome dog named Stoner?

It's bad news this time. About 4 o'clock this morning he decided it was time to go to The Bridge. Stoner was very old for a dog his size, but still...he was an awesome dog, and his people are going to miss him a lot. So will Tank, the puppy he adopted.

Frankly, so will I. I'll miss getting comments from Some Wandom Woofy. And I'll miss hearing stories about the things he steals from the refrigerator.

One of his people, Murf, lurks on a lot of cat blogs and is a huge fan of dozens of us, so if you could think a few good thoughts for him and his family today, I would appreciate it.

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We will send our purrs to his family.

I am sorry you loses your woofy friend Max. We purrs for him's famibly!

We didn't know Stoner, but we are sorry that he's gone to the Bridge. We're purring for his family who is missing him so very much...

Murf, we are so sorry you lost your faithful Stoner to the bridge. We know you will miss your buddy. We are sending purrs to you and your family!

We are very sorry for Stoner's passing.

We went over to Murf's to tell dem dat we iz sorry dey lost Stoner. He sounded like such an awesome woofie...

Murf, accept our deepest sympathies at the loss of dear Stoner.
He sounds like he was one terrific dog!

Murf, I am so sorry that Stoner went to the Rainbow Bridge. I am sending good thoughts to you and Herman sends purrs.

Stoner. Dat's like da coolest name efur for a dawg or a cat for dat matter. He's gonna be having fun ofur da bridge we bet and bringing happyness wif him.

Purrs for Stoners family, I know they will miss him lots.

We are not really big on woofies, but we will say that Stoner was a good one and will be missed!

We stopped by Murf's blog. Momma's eyes were leaking. We re-read yur great story about Stoner (Murf linked it)
~Meeko & Kiara

I went and read that really longgggg story about Stoner-it was a GREAT story. And I don't know where Murf's blog is, but I want to send my best purrs and furry-heartfelt condolences to his people. He was a Good Dog.

Too busy sniffling to come up with a smartass comment. *sniffle*


It's too bad about Stoner's passing--he sounded like a great dog. I loved your story about him & Tank.

max, we doesn't know where murf's bloggie is, so please tell him we are furry, furry sorry that stoner ran ofur the bridge. we really LOVED our ol' thor-of-blessed-memory woofie, an' even the dbd isn't too bad. an' we 'members how much our beans cried when each dog-who-went-before left us--so we sends big sympathetic headbonks to murf an' the whole fambly. an' dbd sends a soft grrrr an' headbutt to the sensitive area.

i am so sad to reed dis.
i will go to vizit mi grate frend murph an let him know.
i am reelee sad.