Today is a day for doing nothing but lounging on the big bed with the fuzzy blanket. It's raining outside so there's nothing out there worth seeing, and it's gonna rain all week... but mostly I was up all night keeping the Woman company because the wind kicked up at 4 am and woke her up, and she couldn't get back to sleep, so I had to spend the rest of the night trying to purr on her back  (because it always hurts) and then petting her face (thought it might relax her) and then body slamming into her chest and head (to knock her out.) I gave up at 8 am and went out to see if Buddah wanted to play THoE, and what do you know, then she fell asleep.

Since I had to basically work all night, today I am going to snooze...

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You tried all the right things Max.
That's amazing she couldn't get back to sleep.

Sounds like you've earned a good snooze after all that work, Max!

I think you have definitely earned a snooze. It will probably rain here a lot too.. sigh.

Max it sounds like you worked really hard - you deserve to snooze all day!

We think you earned your snooze. It's pouring outside and we think we're going to snooze too.

Your devotion to the Woman's welfare just brings tears to my eyes.... ;)

After all that hard work all night, you must be worn out.

You must be tired out.. Rest easy now.. Best thing in the rain.. HUgs GJ x

You tried Max. Sometimes our beans just don't respond well to our helps and purrs.

You gave a noble effort Max, I just hope your human appreciates it! Purr on!

:) Max, you are so loving!

You tried your best to help her! We hope you enjoyed your naps today.


Thundering Herd of Elephants.

Max, it's good that you take such good care of the Woman.

that's a good plan

rest up, buddy. you KNOW there's bound to be more work ahead, riding herd on humans.

I haven't been checking too often lately, so I'm only just now seeing this. There are other options for taking donations.

...And I just realized that I hit comment on the wrong entry. *sigh*