Look, lady, it's not my fault that you went into the giant litter box room to use the facilities without turning the light on. But hey, at least you were sitting in the right place when I jumped out from behind the shower curtain and made you shriek...

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He hehehehehe.

It was a public service really... you sped up the process... hehehehehe


HehHeh Max you timing is always impeccable!

I so wish the Woman wouldn't turn on the light--that would be WAY fun...

Humans can be the real scardy cats... including mine! :)

My mom is still laughing.

Priceless, mum is laughing so hard she can hardly type for me.

Way to go, Max. Luckily Herman can't do that to me because of the night light in the bathroom.

I do that to my Mommy all the time! You should try it when they are in the shower, and attack them through the shower curtain! My Mommy screams like I am the killer from Psycho when I do that!

Brilliant, Max! You are truly brilliant! Panda Bear also likes to visit Mom when she is in the shower.

Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, and Caramel

Ha ha ha ha! I've fallen over again!

Hahahaha! Good one!

Ha ha ha that is so awesome!!!!

Good going, Max! That must have been fun

Oh I luv to do dat to Grandma heehehe Ain't it funs?

Wow! We logged on expecting to see your face and found out you're totally re-designed. It looks good and I'm glad you picked red. Red looks good on us tuxies.

Max S.

Max, did you make this up? It's too funny to be true.