Doods, I learned from the Great Skeezix that we have an emergency in the Cat Blogosphere and one of our own really really really really needs all the amazing kitty Mojo we can throw his way.

Kismet was taken to the emergency stabby place last night and is in an oxygen tent, And Skeez says he might decide to go to the bridge, so he really needs everything we can do for him. Good thoughts, Mojo, Prayer, whatever you can do, he needs.

He hasn't blogged in a while, but you can still drop by there and leave a comment for his people to see.

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We are sending him purrs! Big rumbly purrs.

That is so awful. We will keep him in our purrayers for sure. And his hoomin.

We are purring and purraying very hard for Kismet.

We have been sending him rumbling purrs since we heard about this from Skeezix!

We give lots of purrs and loves his way. Sami and Pixie

I was just there. One of our big ManCats.

This really sucks. Herman is sending him his best healing purrs.

Fremont, Percy and I are praying for you.

our the mom is just so very sad about Kismet - we is too. Kismet looks almost just like our the one who came before.

Putter and Diamond send purrs and warm cat thots. They just lost their sister Tezza Butts when she decided to cross the Bridge so they know how it feels. P & D will tell their people to send good thots too.

We saw the bad news about Kismet yesterday - we are so far behind we haven't seen any updates but we are sending lots of purrs and prayers to help out. We hope he is doing better now!!

I just saw on Kismet's page that he is doing much better. YAY!

For and on behalf of my employer.

'Been there done that and Kismet is not yet going to The Great Cat'

Best Regards

Four Dinners
Aide de Camp to

We are sending lots of purrs.

Sardines have lots of good stuff for kitties in them, like calcium, iron, Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins A and D. I don't think the salt is too bad. Beach Cliff Sardines in Soybean Oil works out to 86mg of sodium per sardine.

We are purring hard fer Kismet, Max!