Bear with me, dooods... we're playing with the template again and it might not be pretty...

Test blockquote:

It's red...really red...

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Yes it is REALLY REALLY red... but I can see it!

Love the red. Only you could get away with pink, too. Well, a certain other cool cat we know can, too.
Red and MANLY pink. Thumbs up!~

Red is my favorite color, dude! Go for it!

We love it when the Woman starts playing with your template!

But've been demoted, dude! From the giant top-center-of-the-page close-up to the eensy little photo way off to the side! Whose the star of this blog anyway???

Ooooh I like it!

Umm Max, there's a bird above your head. We've heard it's supposed to be lucky to get pooped on by a bird, but all we can say is, if it pooped on us, it would definitely be unlucky for the bird.

I like it!

i luv it dood.
i think it mite be time fer me to change mine ... but i'm ascraird to do it ...
i like da "welcome to my crib" pikshur.

Red looks good.. Hugs GJ x

A little shake up in color never hurts.

Max... do you know CSS coding?

Oh.. and my DH thingy...that just sounds wrong... anyway...says the blog looks like a nice piece of liver. ;O)

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