How we spent our week:

I think we may spend this week doing the exact same thing...

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Looks great to me!

Looks like a great way to spend the week

It looks wonderful to me.

Looks exactly like how I spent my week.

Looks good to us.

ahhhhhhhh. toasted bellehs--finest kind!

It is good to see you and Buddah taking time out to enjoy the finer things in life Max. I am envious. :-)


That looks like a great way to spend the week - we think you should keep up the good work!

We've been doing that alot with our new hot air fire blower thingy too.

Looks about the same as we have been doing.

You need to roll over sometimes, for even growth and heat distribution.

Don't forget to roll over and toast the other side.

Mmmmhhh...toasty! It looks like Buddah is trying very hard to resist touching your foot.

You look so relaxed. This is what I want to do.

looks like a plan to us!

I think you guys have the right idea...!

This is how I spend every week (minus the nice fire-thingy).

Awww, he seems like a nice cat, may he may want to be friends with my own cat.

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